Secret Pleasures - Event 03/01/13 - Party Like A Rock Star & Fuck Like A Porn Star

Cum, squirt, gush, scream, moan, whatever - 03/01/13 - EMMAUS, PA

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Secret Pleasures
Secret Pleasures 
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Party like a Rock Star and Fuck like a Porn Star. This party
is for everyone to come and cum. Couples and all singles
are invited. Cum, Squirt, Gush, Scream, Moan, Grunt,
Giggle, Squeal, and Squeak. Come and cum at one of the
best on-premise clubs in a hundred miles and we’ll help you
do what you do best that turns us all on. Sure you can
dance, spin on a pole or flirt all night, but we also have
some great furniture from that will help you
with your secret pleasures and achieve that big O over and
over again. Warning!!! This is not a vanilla club, bar or
hotel ball room where you have to wait until later to get
laid. If you want to get laid, this is the place to be. No
hotel room or clothing is required here. The only
requirement is that you use proper swinger etiquette. Rude

Standard Friday and Saturday Night Entrance Fees:
**Couples are $30
**Single Males are $50
**Single Females are always Free

**** Receive an additional $5 off the entrance fee if you
post a Hot Date Posting and send an email to
Secret_Pleasures on SLS confirming your attendance 24hrs
prior to the 8PM party start time.

**** Also, receive an additional $5 off the entrance fee if
you attended a party this week (last Sunday through today).

Secret Pleasures Night Parties always start at 8pm and ends
around 3am. The club is strictly BYOB for paid guests, but
all mixers will be provided. All non-alcoholic beverages,
snacks, food, condoms, and lube are included with the
entrance fee.

Address to the Club and contact information will be emailed
to new guests at least 6 hours prior to the party, if you
don’t ask for it first. If you are not provided the
information, check your mail history or email
Secret_Pleasures on SLS and just ask for it.

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