Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel - Event 04/18/13 - Sex Burn Coachella Costume Event And Love At Sea M

The burn what a lifestyles evern - 04/18/13 - DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA

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Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel
Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel 
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Wear your sexiest lingerie for our BIG parade and event PM Saturday night!
The most intensive and upscale lingerie event of the season.

Our big Event - with full open bar, awesome foods, guest sexy DJs, night fires
and the unveiling of the new Taboo Gardens Danceteria 24 hours per sensual day!

95 sunny degrees this weekend!

Burn and Coachella
Last weeks events sold out -
still space for this special event the burn April 20

We are having costume and lingerie costume parade with over 3000 in prizes!

included breakfast lunch dinner 24 hour snacks 24 hour beverages open bar from
11 am to 7 PM the event as seen in MAXIM get your sexy costumes on and rage in
our fire dances and hot nude mineral water sparkling clean pools open all night.

Sea Mountain Wood fires, Hot waters, and lifestyles.
Sexual freedom with earth's natural warm nude mineral water.
The SMI Pool becomes 98 degrees earths' deepest hot tub
magic. Sea Mountain Nude Spa is also the intense lingerie dance and rave week
celebration of SMI women with ultimate lingerie festival unlike any other! Get
your ONE on and relax and retreat with the sexiest earthling's. Get wild, get
lingerie, and get loco. This is the most sensual dance of the season, with the
sexiest Mofos on this or any other planet.

Cross into the Hot Water World of warm sun, fires, scents,
kisses and hot mineral water naked pools.

Pass into a kaleidoscopic world of motion, Zen and personal freedom.

In this world laughter is the official SMI language and all our magical guests
speak it fluently.

Entering the gates of the magic land of Sea Mountain brings a fresh Smile, a
sensual stirring and a silliness that returns the energy to your busy world.

No matter how old your age tells you to act.

Call NOW 877-928-2827 760-251-4744

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