Samantha's Stable - Event 04/14/18 - Ladies Night X

For the lady that needs a little EXTRA! - 04/14/18 - MONROEVILLE, NJ

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Samantha's Stable
Samantha's Stable 
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This event SOLD OUT last time and the waitlist was full. Dont get shut out.We will be selling tickets on April 1st for this event.

This event includes 3 single men per woman. 


Ladies Night X   April 14th  2018. We like most ladies show up, especially new ones at 8-9pm. Single men 9-10pm party goes until about 3am . We also offer midnight tickets that are available for couples and singles.

Ladies night is LADIES CHOICE

ON SITE PARKING and 12 REAL BEDS! No neighborhood parking and no blow up beds.

Looking for couples, single males, single females, hall passes and watchers.

We try to balance the party at around a 3ish to 1 ratio which seems to work out perfect.


Tired of meeting single guys out at a bar? Did they no show you or not look like their pics? Meet many guys in one night! Then cum join us at the Hollywood Retreat for another Hot Ladies Choice Night. Need one extra guy? 3? more? Then this is your party.


Mixers, ice, snacks and desserts will be served. We have tons of towels and showers are available.

7 private locking rooms will be available and a large group areaa.

There are a few hotels within a 10 minute drive also. CONTACT US FOR INFO.


Only confirmed guests will be admitted. You can find the confirmed list under hot dates.


We have a 24 hour full refund policy in case something comes up.


Wristbands for all the ladies for preference. Guys must observe and follow this.


Remember ladies choice. Just because a lady has a wristband doesnt mean she will play with you.

No means no.

White=White guys only

Black=Black guys only

brown= Hipanic only

Can choose 2

Green= all cummers






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