RolePlay Lounge - Event 08/10/13 - Official SLS Event: Roleplay's Pastease Party

Official sls event: free pastease 4 the ladies - 08/10/13 - ATLANTIC CITY, NJ

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RolePlay Lounge
RolePlay Lounge 
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Guess we'll find out at RolePlay's favorite...

PASTEASE PARTY August 10, 2013

Check your blouses at the door ladies....

This party is gonna be a hot one !!!!

We're giving out pastease to the first 50 ladies to lose their shirts !

Ladies, you can wear your original designs as well....

or wear your pastease underneath it all...

whatever makes you feel sexy !

Be creative... be yourself and show it off !



cover includes membership

single ladies are FREE.

NO unescorted males.

9pm to 4am.

Dress to Impress and Bring a Bottle.

ROLEPLAY IS A PRIVATE NIGHCLUB. MEMBERS ONLY! ROLEPLAY HAS A STAND ALONE BUILDING. IT IS NOT ATTACHED TO ANY OTHER BUILDING OR BUSINESS. THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTERS HERE. OUR GUESTS ARE HERE BECAUSE THEY ARE IN THE LIFESTYLE AND READY TO PARTY! 2 Levels... LOWER LEVEL is an erotic nightclub experience with dancing drinking and and endless pole dancing. UPPER LEVEL is a Sex Club experience with many beautiful modern playrooms and stages complete with a constant supply of Dry-Cleaned Linen and Towels along with everything else to make your experience as if you were hosting your own event here. At RolePlay YOU play by YOUR rules and You set the pace for the night. RolePlay is a ZERO Pressure Club. But the only way to really get why RolePlay was Voted BEST CLUB TO PLAY IN, is by attending an event and seeing for yourself.

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