Riverside Ranch Resort - Event 01/25/13 - Swingle Night & Sls Meet-n-greet!

sls meet-n-greet! - 01/25/13 - ELMENDORF, TX

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Riverside Ranch Resort
Riverside Ranch Resort 
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friday, january 25th: “swingles night & sls meet-n-greet
this is our monthly “sls meet-n-greet” and we’re proud to announce that we are beginning the year with 825 members and looking to increase that number to 1200 by year end. this will be a big year for growth for riverside and we want you to be a part of it. we are offering all sls members a 50% discount on your total cost for this weekend and yes that includes admission, food from restaurant and even rental accommodations. in order to receive this discount you must rsvp on the sls website for recognition. this a great deal that we offer to sls members because we value your visits to our resort. our restaurant opens today as does the resort at 8:30 am. the d.j. dance begins at 8:30 pm until 12:30 am and we provide ice, cups and a munchie bar. we are a private membership club and we are b.y.o.b. cost for the admission is $50.00 per couple, $50.00 per single male & $10.00 per single female. the doors close at 11:00 pm so do not be late for the party!

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