Precious Nights - Event 12/21/13 - Precious Night's! Frat House Style..!!

A hotel party? a suite party? check this one out?? - 12/21/13 - WHITEHALL, PA

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Precious Nights
Precious Nights 
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Do you remember the Movies ....."Animal House"?
"Old School"? or National Lampoons "Dorm Days"?
Now just add Swingers and you have a ......


With NO Fear of the hotel telling us we can't do it or that
we need to cover up anywhere on the party floor ..!!

~~~~ A true "NUDIST STYLE" Swinger Event..!~~~~

** With PLENTY of Badged Security on staff **

We have a totally Private and very secure hotel floor with
32 guest rooms of total insanity and even more overflow
rooms when we need them!!
Party floor rooms are first come First Served..!!

The theme for this event is **Slumber/Lingerie/CLOTHING
OPTIONAL!** the choice is yours and Theme dress for this one

***IS Mandatory***..!

And yes this includes the Guys..!!
So Boy's it's time to show the ladies what you got..!!

So if *Footsie PJ's* or extra skimpy *Lingerie* or Boxer's
and a T-Shirt or just being plain Bare Ass *NAKED* is what
gets your motor running than this is the event for you..!!

**So PLEASE NO STREET or Club Clothes Tonight**

**Just come in get settled get comfortable then Start to

**This Event starts and ends when **YOU** want it to**!!

As soon as you step outside your hotel room door the party
is on...!
Something that needs to be seen..!!

NO CRAZY regimented schedule of things to do here tonight!
This event is totally focused on having fun and hooking up
a real lifestyle event!

**Ladies bring as many outfits as you like It's a fun way to
break the ice**

This is going to be one **BIG FRAT HOUSE** style Slumber
party start to finish!

You won't find anything like this anywhere else in the
Hotel Party Industry..!!

There is a Huge Playroom Jacuzzi Suite with an additional
separate play room attached if you like !

But remember the Whole Floor is party central just like back
in College..!!

We are also encouraging you guys to decorate your rooms and
make them accessible the choice is always yours..!

And Yes Ladies **DJ Ivo** will be doing his thing Half
Naked on the floor with us AGAIN!! ... Smokin' HOT!!

Guests who reserve rooms can check in as early as 2 pm on
Sat. and check out is 12 noon on Sunday.
Guests WITHOUT room reservation will be given access to
Join the event between the hours of 9 pm & 10:30 pm Doors
will Close at 10:30 pm *SHARP* So don't be late!!

**Rooms Tonight are Only $69.99**
**Couples with rooms are $30.00**

*Buffet served on the Floor all night long*


**Your not reading it wrong**!
You won't get this much party anywhere else for this price!!

**Couples without rooms are *$50.00*
and again will only be able to enter the Event after 9 pm!!
A Place to change will be provided for these guests!

**Single ladies contact us for details**

Precious Night's

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