Precious Nights - Event 04/20/13 - Precious Night's @ Diamonz Nightclub Again!!

How about an on stage shadow box dance contest?? - 04/20/13 - BETHLEHEM, PA

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Precious Nights
Precious Nights 
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The Legendary **Diamonz** Nightclub!!
1913 W. Broad St. Bethlehem Pa. 18018

Will be welcoming our Club once again..!!

Doors Open Downstairs for our (M&G) venue at **9pm**..!!!

Diamonz is a world famous L.G.B.T Friendly NightClub with a Predominantly Female Crowd..!!
This club has a constant sexual energy about it....
We always have a blast when we go there and our (PN) Ladies ABSOLUTELY! love this Place!!!
And Yes Gentlemen you can all tag along as well!! :)

There isn't a Nightclub on the planet that has a more sexually open NON-JUDGEMENTAL Crowd...!!

Sexual Freedom ..!! Isn't that what we are all about..??
Well this is the place where that is the rule...!!

Being on the list IS *NOT* Mandatory to attend!!
Being on the list IS *NOT* Mandatory to attend!!

Add your name to the sign up list ONLY!! *IF* you want to be directed to our (PN) Group area when you arrive.....!!

The energy our Bi-Sexual ladies brought to this place on stage last time was INSANE..!!
The place was on Fire...!!!
And there Club regulars are very excited about us coming back and doing it again..!!

So we found something right up your alley if meeting alot of Girl's who enjoy Girl's is your thing..!!

This time we thought we would do an "ON-Stage Anonymous"
**Shadow Box Dance Contest**??

***Girls or Boys Can Compete***!!...LMAO!!
After last time we figured why the hell not...!!...LOL!!

The Energy Level the crowds at this Nightclub has needs to be experienced..!!
And when you throw swingers in on top...???...WOW..!!

So this will be fun FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!...Guaranteed..!!

Hosted once again and Run by *Precious*!
And the Precious Night's Hostesses??

So gentlemen once again this is a night we get to watch the Girls do all the work for our entertainment....LMAO!

And heres the best Part It's only **$10.00 Per Person**!!

Prizes for 1st,2nd,and 3rd Place finishers!!

So Cum on out and join us for something Completely Different...!!

And this club is anything BUT Vanilla...!!!...LMFAO!!
So no need to keep any secrets..!!
Or wear any coded items to identify ourselves...!!..LOL
There regular guests are just as curious about us as we are about them...LOL!!

This place is Packed every weekend weather we are there or not!!
Last time we were almost at capacity....!
So get there early just in case we hit capicity this time..

See you there ??....Precious & Bill

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