PlayfulCouples - Event 10/14/12 - Football Pool Party Bbq

Football pool party bbq - 10/14/12 - Largo, FL

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All day and night Lifestyle parties every Wed Fri Sat Sun. weekend parties start at noon.
We have it all huge sound and light show, you can drink whatever you wish, anywhere you wish. Its BYOB. Theme rooms, Dungeon, contests & prizes,pool table lockers DJ of the year, and much more.
Our parties feel like a combination of 'girls gone wild' and frat house party
and swingers event.
It's a rollicking good time, with very little inhibition in the room, a young and fun loving crowd and a lot of music and games.
They pay particular attention to cleanliness here (with the number of people and carefree attitude, they are smart to do so) and
the place is one of the most popular swinger joints in the Tampa area.
Couples and single women make up most of the crowd, though single males are welcome, but on a very restricted basis.
Single guys, if interested, should be well dressed, in shape, respectful and have a pleasing personality.
If the parties seem to run all day here, it's because they practically do.
They open early, like around noon, on weekends and stay open late into the night. FMAIL FOR INFO

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