PartyPerks847 - Event 02/23/13 - Red Room Crawl And Grind!

Red hot grind room and cosmo's birthday!!! - 02/23/13 - ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL

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The third annual RED PARTY! This year as a RED ROOM CRAWL!
Saturday February 23 from 7pm-1am (and you can party in your rooms as long as you want after that!)

Featuring the RED HOT ROOM - a hotel room decked in red with hot red lighting and playing sensual grind music all night. Come decked in red for this event and spend a little time under the red lights seeing what might come up!

Special discount for room hosts. Get a room, decorate the outside door with your favorite red-hot style, and provide snacks or shots or treats of some sort and MEET MEET MEET so many hot new people!

To reserve your room for the DISCOUNTED rate of $50, be sure to mention that you need the party floor for PARTY PERKS!
Days Inn
1000 West Devon Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

We have been told that the ROOM CRAWLS are super fun because of all the chances you have to mingle. Choose a two hour time period to have your room open to those who want to travel and meet. Your option whether or not PLAY is allowed in your room. We will provide TWO PLAYROOMS also - one for couples and single ladies ONLY and one in which the select single men are also allowed.

WRISTBAND COLOR SYSTEM: The wristbands are used primarily as a signal to others, where you feel you might be headed during the evening. It helps avoid some potentially awkward situations/questions/discussions. In no way do the wristbands OBLIGATE you to ANY type of activity. You could choose green (full swap) and not play all night or choose red (no swap) and end up playing for hours. It's just a signal to others.
Couples choose their SWAP STATUS color first -
RED = NO Swap
YELLOW = Soft Swap
GREEN = Full Swap

THEN, ladied, think Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys:
PINK = Bi or bi-curious LADY
BLUE = Open to interaction with SINGLE GUYS

and single guys always wear just BLUE. Single men are informed to mix/mingle with everyone and be friendly but to only try to take it to the next level if the lady wears the blue wristband.

And- Orange is the new trifecta - if a lady is green (full swap) AND pink AND blue she then wears....ORANGE!

Prices for those HOSTING a ROOM:
Couples $40 Single Guys $50 Single Ladies $10
Prices for those NOT HOSTING:
Couples $60 Single Guys $70 and Single Ladies $20

VIP Rates: Ask us how to become VIPs!
Hosting a Room: Couples $20, Single Guys $30, Ladies $5
Not Hosting: Couples $40, Single Guys $50, Ladies $10

And...come give Cosmo a kiss or a spank for his birthday! Or a kiss AND a spank!

Note - We had a recent request from a couple to check to see who might be interested in a gang bang type of experience. They are seeking about 6 willing/able guys to fulfill her fantasy for this event. Although we are not allowed to guarantee any type of contact, they are hoping that if the chemistry is right we could help her pull it off at least by offering introductions

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