Party at Scout's - Event 09/15/17 - Swinger/Kinkster Crossover Campout

Kink/BDSM Friday. Swinger Glow Party Saturday..... - 09/15/17 - NEW SALEM, PA

Type:  House Party
Party at Scout's
Party at Scout's 
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Swinger/Kinkster Crossover Campout Weekend: 

Kink/BDSM Party: Friday, September 15th

Swinger/Glow Party: Saturday, September 16th

The purpose of this first "Crossover Campout Weekend " is for Swingers and Kinksters to meet. greet and get to know each other. Both groups will learn how the other eats their slice of the alternative lifestyle Pie. 

Whether you are a Kinkster or a Swinger be sure to bring your tent or camper  (or sleep inside.) Either way you can meet your camping neighbors, and join the "Tent City Crawl."

Bring your BDSM Gear and Garb; your Cuffs and Crops; ropes and restraints; fire and wax; toys, tails and blindfolds.. 


Friday, September 15th

4 P.M. Show up.  Pitch your tent. Park your camper. The main lodge and all facilities open.

Let the party begin!

7 P.M. Kink/BDSM Party Begins. Lights will be on.

Saturday, September 16th.

2 A.M. Kink Party Over. Playrooms converted to sleeping rooms for the night.

7 P.M. Swinger/Glow Party begns. Candles will be lit.

Sunday, September 17th

2 A.M. Glow Party over. Playrooms converted to sleeping rooms for the night.

12 P.M. weekend ends

Party at Scout’s Outdoor Amenities:

23 acres of secluded private land to camp on and get naked.

A pond you can actually fish.

Plenty of free parking and room for RVs, campers and tents.

Even a berry patch!

Party at Scout’s Indoor Amenities:

8,500 square feet under roof.

The biggest hot tub ever, nudity encouraged, open the entire weekend.

8 playrooms with a total of 15 beds.

7 rooms rentable beginning at 2 A.M. Saturday.

A huge group room for orgies and group play (with 3 beds and mirrors on 3 sides.)

A big dance hall (professional DJ on Saturday.)

Two full sized Self-Serve Bars. BYOB.

Complete access to a large group indoor shower and locker room. BYOL. (bring your own lock.)

A massage area with two tables, lotions, towels and a heated massager.

A Darker Dungeon with a sex swing, a St. Andrews Cross, a spanking horse, a stockade a tie-down table and a rope play room.
a Spanking Horse, a St. Andrews Cross, a Stockade, a Spider Chair, a Spanking Horse, a St. Andrews Cross, a Stockade, a Spider Chair, 

And more! 

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Full weekend 

$100 per couple

$95 per single male

$30 per single female

Friday Only. 12 P.M. Friday – 12 P.M. Saturday.

$20 per person (male or female)

Saturday Only. (12 P.M. Saturday –  12 P.M. Sunday)

$60 per couple

$75 per single male 

$10 per single female

Overnight (inside) $40 (see FAQ 9 at for info on overnight stays.)

Overnight (outside) $0 for the whole weekend.

Payment policy: CASH ONLY at the door.

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visit for Pics, Testimonials, a Map, an FAQ page. Click here to RSVP

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