Pandora's Forest - Event 11/02/13 - Moulin Rouge

Burlesque - 11/02/13 - Crossville, TN

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Pandora's Forest
Pandora's Forest 
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November 1st & 2nd
This party is one of the most erotic parties of the year………Moulin Rouge holds a Mystique and unknowing flair! It is where you need to be. Sexy French Moulin Rouge risqué attire, fishnet thigh-high stockings, garter belts, cupped bralettes, sultry satin wraps, are just some of the outfits you will see. Dance and play the night away and Saturday evening we will crown someone the “Queen of The Moulin Rouge”. Pandora's Forest will transform Pandora’s Box night club into a Cabaret. In 1889 this type of venue was also referred to as a brothel ----a bar with tables and women who mingle with and entertain the clientele. Traditionally these establishments featured some form of bar entertainment. The Moulin Rouge featured semi-nude dancing. At Pandora’s Box Janice along with our “Pandora Babes” are considered our Moulin Rouge entertainment. If you do not know” Janice or The Babes” you need to come and see for yourself. Our amazing DJ will MC the nights away playing the music that will make you move in an energetic and provocative way in an attempt to seduce your partner and most likely have your way. It is common at Pandora’s for some of the ladies to lift their skirts and reveal their legs, underwear and occasionally the genitals, and as the evening progresses Pandora’s Moulin Rouge can became increasingly and overtly erotic, causing much outrageous feelings of FUN & Sexuality. Come visit Pandora’s Moulin Rouge weekend and decide for yourself if it is “Moulin Rouge.
DJ “DKY” will mystify and hypnotize you with his play list for our “Moulin Rouge`” Week End starting at 8pm- 1pm Friday and Saturday Evening.
Just because the fall has arrived, doesn’t mean the parties stop. Pandora’s Forest offers plenty of daytime activities sexually charged to keep you busy hosted by
Stay over night special 2 NIGHTS IN LODGE $99.00
Saturday Free food bar for your hunger attack.
The Hot Tubs always Hot and the Play House is always open.
Pandora’s Forest Club and Resort
80 Timberline Rd
Crossville, TN

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