Menages - Event 09/20/14 - Official S L S Event - MOULIN ROUGE LINGERIE PARTY

The hottest nightclub on planet earth! - 09/20/14 - NASHVILLE, TN

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Saturday 20TH September
Come in at 7:00PM mingle while putting profile and faces
together on a very sexy environment. Then at 8:00PM the
party continues with our MOULIN ROUGE LINGERIE PARTY

This party is one of the most erotic parties of the year……. and what a blast it will be! Sexy French Moulin Rouge risqué attire, fishnet thigh-high stockings, garter belts, cupped bracelets, sultry satin wraps, are just some of the outfits you will see. Dance and play the night away and later we will crown this year's Queen Of The Moulin Rouge.

***^VIP Areas available for reservation^***

The first 20 couples that come before 8:00PM with a snack or
dish plate to share and sign up for the event will get a
$10.00 door fee discount.
*** Remember you must sign up at least a day prior of the
event in order to get the SLS discount.

**SLS is a small part of the Ménages Member, but a very
welcome community. The sign-up sheets represents a small
fraction of the attendance at the club.

So e-mail, text, and call your friends to sign up for this
event, the more the people the biggest the Party!
For more information click on the club link at the events
page you may also contact MenagesClub here at SLS.

All Memberships must be valid and or updated. Discounts and
special offers apply to couples only and do not apply for
memberships fees.

Event Disclaimer: Please note that you are not required to
partake or dress according to the theme of the night. The
parties and theme are done to enhance the social atmosphere
and interaction of the evening. We want YOU to be having fun
and enjoy yourselves to the FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE!

This Event is Open to all swingers communities!
VIP Available upon request.

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This event offers a discount to SLS Members

15 members are attending this event.

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