Deviate Network - Event 10/05/13 - Pimps & Hoes 2 School Daze Edition

From sorority girls to working girls - 10/05/13 - WURTSBORO, NY

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Deviate Network
Deviate Network 
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*** UPDATE ***
We are no longer requiring you to have a room to attend this
event. Seems we have a few wham bam thank you mam couples
that wish to attend.
We are offering a discount to anyone who gets a room.
We only have 5 left so hurry!

Do not miss the hottest event / contest of the year!

Our corrupt sorority sisters have taken up a new
hobby.and they are turning DV8 University from the sorority
house to the whore house! Yikes!

Our Student bodies are going to be working hard at this
event for a little extra credit!

Bad news. If your a big lister, than you had better jump
ship now. We're capping the numbers at this event , so our
girls don't get to overwhelmed when working the floor.

Pimps N Hoes II is a one of a kind DV8 event!
The School Girl theme just makes it hotter!

The play starts in the beginning of the event and ends with
our traditional slumber party which usually ends with more
play ;)

This entire event is one big contest to see who will be
crowned home cumming queen or sorority slut.

Ladies earn DV8 bucks by turning tricks, and coming up with
sexy ways to relieve our pimps of their hard earned cash.
Use your imagination on that one. We'll let the pimps decide
who gets the top prize!

This years top prize is going to be off the charts! How bout
your own private champagne play room!
Plus a goodie basket from Devier Boutique and free admission
to the Studio 54 Shagadelic Ball 2014!

We will be bringing back our anything goes slumber after
party in our main hall so dont forget your sleeping bags.

Spin the bottle, truth or dare and so many naked bodies
around our cheezy fake camp fires ;)

Topless DJ Bella will be setting the mood for this sexy all
play event. BYOB Mixer bar, Munchies and midnight buffet all

So here are the rules for attending this event:
You must be a pre-approved member and be experienced in the
lifestyle. Sorry no newbies at this event.
Please do not sign up if you are not attending.
We will allow approved stand-by couples in case of last
minute cancellations.

Deviate Party Network is a Members Only Driven Club

If you are already an approved member, please keep an eye
out for your invitation with the party location and booking
information. Only approved members may add themselves to the
guest list. Please RSVP when you receive your invite.

To get on our approved guest list please visit our website.

Visit our group, Deviate Party Network
Approval instructions are also listed in our group.
Attention SLS group members:
You must apply for club membership in order to attend
events. If you are yet a club member please apply through
our site.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions
about this event.

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This event offers a discount to SLS Members

25 members are attending this event.

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