Swing Parties - Event 01/19/13 - Saturday Swingin' With Sexy Open Minded Folks

Saturday sexiness close by finally - 01/19/13 - ROLLINSFORD, NH

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************** Swinger HOTEL Party INFO *************

*Multi-Bedroom Huge Hotel Suite, Multiple bathrooms
*Music throughout suite
*Adult entertainment on all TV’s
*Private Rooms & Public areas

1. The party is BYOB
2. Private & Public Play areas
3. Soda, water, and snacks provided
4. Music throughout the venue
5. A very open minded crowd - and a ton of fun
6. Adult entertainment on all TV’s

** TO ATTEND, RSVP with the following REQUIRED info: **
1. First name(s)
2. Description
3. AGE
4. Date AND Time of Party you will be attending

** Donations **
WHO: Couples, single women, select single guys
Donations of a scented candle/single women are appreciated
Donations of $30/couple are appreciated


The goal is to reinforce the respect that everyone should have for other attendees insuring everyone feels comfortable! ANY violation of our rules will get you KICKED OUT and never invited back!!!
1. Be respectful and discreet.
2. LEAVE CELL PHONE IN CAR. NO pictures, NO video taking.
3. Do NOT touch someone that you don't know without receiving verbal permission. This is the quickest way not to get invited back to the party. If anyone violates this rule, let us know and they will be told to leave.
4. Wrappers & rubbish are to be thrown in the trash bins, not left on the floor or on the beds. WE have to clean up, so please just take 3 seconds and dispose properly. Thank you!
5. No Soliciting of goods, services, or products. This includes handing your business cards or information or promoting other clubs or events.
6. Anyone found exchanging money for sex, alcohol, and/or drugs will be removed at once and prosecuted as well. We are a DRUG FREE establishment! Anyone found requesting such services/products will be removed at once and banned as well.
7. Do not touch alcohol that you did not bring. Do not ask anyone to “borrow” a beer. Just bring if you are going to want some.
8. If you soak a bed, please remove the sheet and go get a fresh one.
9. No hats or caps allowed at any parties.

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