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Couples Cruise - Event 11/02/13 - Hedonism Pure Pleasures, Negril Jamaica, 2013
Hedonism Pure Pleasures, Negril Jamaica, 2013
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Official sls event - pure pleasures at hedonism ii
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Couples Cruise
Couples Cruise 

Its very definition is the philosophy that pleasure is of
the ultimate importance and the most important pursuit of
Pure Pleasure is of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

When you set your mind free, it's amazing how happily the
body will follow. At Hedonism you can put your body to the
test in any number of ways.

Stay up late. Give up counting calories. Have a drink before
noon. Talk to strangers. Don't make your bed. Don't call
home. Don't pay for anything. Don't leave a tip. Let your
hair down and be wicked for a week!

Take up windsurfing or water-skiing. Let our resident
experts teach you how to sail. Go snorkeling , scuba diving.
Try your hand at the rock-climbing wall. Play volleyball
naked or catch a game of tennis. Enjoy the pools and the
swim-up bar and make new friends at the hot tub. The naked
waterslide events are not to be missed!

Stay up all night dancing in the Night Club and toast the
sunrise with a planters punch from one of our Jacuzzis.
Check out the SwingLifeStyle Travel website for the Schedule
and Theme Nights!

Everyone at Hedonism Resort develops a little more
enthusiasm for all things romantic, wild, adventurous and
SEXY! Its all inclusive and the wonderful non-judgmental
attitude is just one reason why youre likely to see the same
smiling faces coming back for more, time and time again.

For more than thirty years, Hedonism Resorts has enjoyed a
reputation for shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind
of behavior people don't talk about in polite circles. It's
what happens when you combine warm water, a white-sand
beach, open bars and open minds. This is about as far as you
can get from your everyday life. And best of all, just about
everything you can eat, drink and do is included.

Be your bad and beautiful self in fabulous Negril Jamaica!

Hosted by SwingLifeStyle and Topless Travel!

Call: 877-90-SWING or go to the ToplessTravel.com website
for more details!

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View the Hedonism Pure Pleasures, Negril Jamaica, 2013 forum
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