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Colette - Event 10/19/12 - Foreplay Fridays
Foreplay Fridays
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Ladies...get $20 off voucher just for shaking it!
10/19/12 NEW ORLEANS, LA
SLS Liaison:
CALLING ALL LADIES… it’s Foreplay Fridays!
Ladies, upon arrival sign up with your song choice and artist with the hostess or DJ. Then at 11pm, the DJ will play your song. There will be no introduction. Then, you get up and dance like no one is watching! Each participant receives a $20 off coupon for their next visit. There will be a grand prize awarded to the sexiest dancer each Friday night! **
Doors open at 9pm.
Door Fees:
$50* for all couples
$100* for all single males
$10* for all single females
*with current membership
**grand prizes vary per night.
--Colette New Orleans--