Club FA - Event 11/25/12 - Clubfa Every Sunday 3pm To 10pm With After Hours Orgy!

Clubfa every sunday 3pm to 10pm with orgy! - 11/25/12 - SAN BERNARDINO, CA

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Club FA
Club FA 
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Every Sunday from 3pm to 10pm with after hours orgy from 10pm to midnight at ClubFA! 909-887-8757

Come and find out what over 120+ couples have found, and that's a Sunday party that is spiced up with the Single men in the lifestyle! We are growing each and every party that we include Single Men and Single Ladies! We feel our parties offer something for every couple, with both single men and single ladies in attendance, these couples can decide who they want or not want to play with on their own level. Many of our couples only want other couples, most are looking for hot single men and many are looking for those elusive single ladies, and we will let you in on a little secret, our parties host to more single ladies as they are coming out looking for the males and often times play with the couples. Also at each party you will find the following:

1. A Nice Snack Buffet all day long featuring all kinds of tasty foods and deserts
2. Bartenders
3. BYOB - Mixers provided
4. Dance Music played all day and evening
5. Nice large Smoking patio
6. 6 person hot tub - but not too hot that you can't enjoy it!
7. Lockers (you only need to bring a small lock)
8. Huge play areas including Mirror room, Glory Holes, Dungeon, Group and private areas.

With all this for only $30.00 before 4pm and $40.00 afterwards for couples and Single females FREE, Single Men $125.00 NEW $100.00 returning.

Single males must call 909-887-8757 for information about this party, we only allow so many Single men at these events so you should call right away as last event several single men were turned away due to being at capacity! Youcan call 909-887-8757

AFTER HOURS ORGY from 10pm to Midnight. This is for Players Only, the club will be shut down at 10pm and everyone who does not want to attend the after hours orgy/gangbang must leave. the orgy begins as soon as the bedroom area is cleared out and goes until Midnight or last man standing. Couples and Single Females are included in the entry fee to the club, to off set the cost of this orgy / gangbang, single men who want to stay the remaining 2 hours will need to cover the cost of $20.00 Ask in the office for details. Last weeks orgy had 15 hot couples and 10 single men stay for the fun! will this week be your week? come find out.

where else will you find this kind of party with this many people?

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