Allures - Event 09/27/13 - Motorcyle Ride & Street Vibrations In Reno/virgina

Ride & party with us & other sexy swinging bikers! - 09/27/13 - RENO, NV

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You know you love our Sheet Vibrations Hotel Takeover
parties! This year we ramp up the heat with a trip to STREET VIBRATIONS in Reno/Virginia City! This is sure to be a sexy AFTERPARTY event to our Street Vibrations party, September 21st!

Those of you that have been with us, know that this is
Harley-Davidson mecca for seeing the sexiest people on the
sexiest bikes. Don't have an Harley? No worries, ride
whatever bike you have. Don't have a bike at all? CUM WITH

Ok, so here is what we are thinking we will be doing. Our plans are very casual and nothing is cast in stone. This is just for fun with like minded folks that want to hang out. If anyone would like to join us, please let us know, so we can plan for space accordingly. Or if you have some other suggestions, please chime in with your ideas!

We will formulate a specific plan as the time gets nearer
and we hear what everyone wants to do. So SIGN UP and email
us your ideas. Allures wants to make this YOUR preparty!

We will head up I80 on September 27th (Friday) at a time to
be announced. Likely stop for lunch somewhere. Friday
evening, Allures will host a Meet & Greet at the PepperMill
at 2707 S Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502.

Saturday we will cruise the Main Street in Virginia City
where ALL THE ACTION is, and take in the sights!

Friday and Saturday nights we will include the Wild Orchid
Gentleman's Club one night, and a trip to PokHer-Knights
Lifestyle On-Premise Play Club the other night. Or...what do YOU want to do?

Sunday is sleep in, get a late check out, brunch, and cruise down town Reno for sexy outfits and bike accessories, or whatever tickles your fancy. We will all rally at some point and head back to Sacramento.

Bring out those leathers and sexiest biker chic! Since most
of us are riding, wardrobe changes could be limited. So wear what you want, but dress to impress!! (If you are driving up in a car, we are sure some would trade kinky favors for space in your trunk!)

We are staying at the PepperMill ourselves, but no pressure
to stay at the same hotel. We know some of you have comps at Reno hotels, so stay where ever you want! If you want to
book overnight at the Peppermill, contact info is:
Peppermill Hotel Resort and Casino
2707 S Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 826-2121

We look forward to making this a great trip and ride with
all you hotties!!

Ron & Toni

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