GROUP EVENT for: PlayBitheRules -11/17/12 - Men Behaving Badly

Changed to MEN BEHAVING BADLY... - 11/17/12 - Brownstown, Michigan

Type:  Hotel Party
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Hotel Play Date: Arrival time 9:30am-10am, no admittance after 10:20am when the doors are LOCKED. Couples $25, Single Men $35, Single Women $10. Payment must be made in advance, so once you're prepared to commit to a date, sign up on the SLS list to be provided the payment site to proceed with your confirmation to purchase tickets for the event. Ticket sales will not be accepted within 48 hours of event, and cancellations will not be accepted within 48 hours of the event. This is was formerly going to be a “REGULAR” play date, but because so many couples are tied up with pre-holiday tasks attendance was going to be poor, so we changed it to our MEN BEHAVING BADLY theme, which allows for around 20 bi guys and 6-7 girls to help the guys play, held in 2 connecting hotel rooms. Space is limited, so when it is full, it’s full. Don’t wait long before deciding, as it tends to fill well in advance. THERE IS NO PAYMENT AT THE DOOR, since we tend to get a very high percentage of “no shows”. PLACING YOUR NAME ON THIS SLS LIST IS A REQUEST ONLY, and is NOT a confirmation of attendance. Pre-payment using the above method is the ONLY way to guarantee your acceptance.
Some highlights of our welcome letter follow: BI TOLERANT: Most of the members are “bi”, and although it is not required, all who join us must be at least “bi-tolerant”. There is always a possibility that same-sex contact may occur within the same room (or even same bed) as you may be in. Therefore, although contact is not required or expected of anyone toward any other person, tolerance and acceptance of those who wish it is expected. Privacy will be respected by the group at all times. No personal information beyond first names and contact information will ever be requested. Anonymity is always encouraged, including if someone happens to run into another group member in public! Please be aware of this and DO NOT acknowledge the other person in this unlikely event. If you wish to share information with each other, please do not include personal details that may compromise an individual’s privacy.

The complete welcome letter will be sent to you once you sign up on SLS, so you can make your decisions as quickly as possible. We hope to meet you soon!

4 members are attending this event.

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