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Swinger Photo

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The following is an article from LifeStyle Magazine, reproduced with permission.

We hope this Swinger Photo article will offer interesting reading.

Fun Photography for Sexy Couples...
Taking Great Pictures is Cheap and Easy!
By: Emmanuelle and John

Swinger Photo Snapping pictures has always been a fun pastime for many people. The problem was that for most of us, and you know who you are, it was difficult if not impossible to get a roll of film developed that had your more, let's just say, "intimate" shots on it. So bravo to whomever invented the digital camera! Now we can be "as nasty as we wanna be" without the fear of obnoxious photo clerks, prints being discovered in our closets or other unnerving situations- The freedom that they offer us is so liberating that they're truly worth the investment. If you haven't already done so, you should run out and get a digital camera today. And for those of you who already have one -- start putting it to good use!

Swinger Photo To maximize your experience though, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, even a $100 camera can take decent shots that are good enough to show your friends. You don't need to buy a $600 dollar, 6-megapixel deluxe model that promises you the world. Remember, the camera is only as good as the person pointing it. You can find great cameras for less than $200 that will serve you well. We still carry around a worn-out 2-megapixel model that works just fine for spontaneous situations. --You never know when the "urge" might strike you or when you'll be inspired to take some interesting photos!

Swinger Photo Be sure that your camera has certain features. A good budget camera should have an LCD screen on the back. This allows you to preview and/or delete unwanted pictures so as to not waste space on the memory card. A memory card is like a digital file. The only difference is that, depending on how "large" you select your pictures to be, the memory will fill up faster. You should get a camera with at least 32 MB of memory capacity, or preferably 64 MB. The more memory you have, the more it will hold and therefore, the less often you will have to stop and download the pictures to the computer. Downloading is the process of transferring the pics from the camera to your computer using a cable. Another handy feature to have in a digital camera would be the ability to take short video clips. Video clips eat up memory very fast though! So you'll usually need to be short and sweet when taking videos. Again, the "size" of your pictures also influences how many shots your camera can hold. Usually one or two megapixels will suffice for leisure situations. But if you plan to print any of your pictures, the higher the resolution, the better. Most budget cameras are capable of taking pictures of at least two or three megapixels, which is usually adequate. You don't need to fork over hundreds of dollars extra to get the high-end model that takes 6-10 megapixel shots unless you plan to enlarge your pictures or print them out in extra sharp photo-realistic detail. We usually take our basic pictures in two or three megapixel mode. This allows us to take about 100-150 shots using our 64 MB (megabyte) card.

Swinger Photo The best benefit of having a digital camera, aside from taking risqué photographs, is the ability to be totally spontaneous. We enhance our love life by taking sexy shots whenever we feel like it. We especially love outdoor situations. We once took some beautiful nude shots in a corn field while on vacation. Basically, if you can imagine a place, we've probably taken pictures there. And so can you. But you need to exercise a little common sense and caution. We were nearly arrested once on what appeared to be a desolate, remote beach with apparently no one around! (Park rangers sometimes use binoculars!)

Swinger Photo Again, the point is to maximize your experience and above all, have fun. A little bit of planning can add to the experience and even the excitement level. We've all seen photographs that people post on the Internet that look bland, boring and are sometimes just rude. (We're guilty of this ourselves actually.) The fact is, most people can take good, even great shots with only a little thought, creativity and preparation. You needn't hire a professional photographer to get professional results. There are simple steps and things to keep in mind that can ensure great shots and make for an exciting experience. Anyone can take a beautiful photograph and be a glamorous model. Some of the most important things to keep in mind are also the simplest.

Swinger Photo Your surroundings are one consideration. Just keep in mind what looks appealing and professional. The shirt, socks and pants that you may have just flung over the bed post don't really make for an appealing backdrop, unless you're going for that "spontaneously messy" look. Instead, a nicely made bed and tidy surroundings look much better. If necessary, just shove all the junk under the bed! Or you could always go to a nice hotel. That could make for an exciting evening, especially if a sexy rendezvous is involved!

Swinger Photo The next thing to consider is lighting. Simply relying on your camera's built-in flash just won't do it! That's why amateur shots usually look flat, bland and have that "burned out" or over-exposed look. Natural lighting and indoor lighting from table lamps can produce great results. Real professionals often use lighting sets that cost thousands of dollars. But a couple of common table lamps can produce similar results. One lamp positioned to the side of the subject can give nice results. Actually, there are various positions that can give various dramatic results.

Swinger Photo Ceiling lights can produce nice highlight effects, especially for hair and curves. A lamp positioned behind the subject or just off to the side can give dramatic effects. A couple of dim lamps placed in opposite directions (one to the right and another to the left, for example) can give great results. Just take a little time to experiment. You'll see how great things can turn out. Emphasize the positive! Another strategy is to think about bringing out your better features and minimizing others. There are many ways to go about doing this. One thing you can do to emphasize the subject is to zoom in on it while standing back a bit. This will not only cut out unflattering backgrounds, but will tend to slightly blur the background due to the focus of the lens. If your camera is capable, slightly de-focusing the subject can produce a romantic glow with certain lighting. Most image editing programs will let you blur an image or apply filters to give special effect. Some of us may have certain features that filters can't remove. Experiment with different positions that might seem to flatter your appearance. Simply laying on your back or positioning your lamp differently might avoid embarrassing shots. Try taking your shots from different angles, either from the sides or even from above or below. High or low angles can make a big effect on how the subject looks and can make a dramatic difference.

Swinger Photo Outdoor shots can pose more of a challenge in that the model needs to be positioned in order to provide the best lighting from the sun or reflections while not blinding them. Supermodels can stare directly at the sun without squinting, but most of us are not quite able to do that! You could always try wearing sunglasses. Also try holding a pair of sunglasses over the lens to create an interesting polarized filter look. It works great with the broken sunglass you sat on last week. Be creative and try different things.

Swinger Photo Leave some things to the imagination. The best shots are seductive and invite the viewer to fantasize. It can be much more erotic and seductive to flirt with the camera when taking your photos. Think of it in a way as a strip-tease. The person shooting the photos definitely needs to give verbal support here! "Yeah baby" might be encouraging, but isn't really all that helpful. Rather, try giving supportive tips and advice to the person being photographed. For example, "Honey, maybe you could try to suck in your gut, just a little bit!" But remember, the photographer is really the one who is responsible ensuring that the shots turn out well, and that the model is looking, well, like a model. You don't necessarily need to show off all of your juicy attributes just to be sexy. The anticipation is what makes photography exciting. A subtle glimpse can be far more erotic than a gynecological exam photo. Besides, you want to create desire and anticipation. If you absolutely must take a picture with a penis as the subject, try to make sure that it is REALLY worth showing off and something much more impressive than any other close-up of an anonymous "member". Using a beer can as a measuring device isn't really all that terribly interesting or impressive. Size sometimes matters, but most people probably won't be impressed and your double Budweiser will be totally irrelevant.

Swinger Photo Atmosphere and mood are also important things to keep in mind. Most women are experts of creating just that special atmosphere and love the planning of it. Guys, even if you aren't into being "creative" with special theme nights or elaborate script writing, just let the women do the planning and go with the flow. You will be rewarded in the end!
Breaking the ice (or not):
If you want a usually sure fire, guaranteed-in-writing way to break the ice with your sexy, new open-minded friends, then try bringing out one of your photo albums, or the computer as the case may be. This can make for some very lively conversation and elevated blood pressures. After gauging the reactions of your hopefully-impressed friends, try bringing out the camera. Most people are fairly curious to see how they would look in certain sexy situations. Some people though have reservations about having that moment "documented" in photographs. This can sometimes be tempered by the use of a mask or a blindfold -or by simply having that person turn their head to the side or positioning them just outside of the frame. A thin piece of lace or cloth can work well to conceal details and help keep your friends anonymously sexy.

Swinger Photo Aside from meeting new friends, many people also enjoy "showing off" sexy and risqué photography with their friends and the world. This is especially helpful when it comes to setting up account profiles and your special correspondence. Other than seeking out people who have compatible personalities, most people are also interested in and concerned about physical appearances. Whatever the case, it's just fun and liberating to share a naughty picture or two over the Internet! It also helps in finding just the right people, or your ideal match. One way to think of it is as "advertising" if not simply self-promotion. Some of us just like showing off, but if your main intent is self-promotion, then you need to ask yourself, "What sets me, or us apart from the rest?" Anyone can take "average" shots of themselves and e-mail or post them on some web site. That's only half of the fun. Taking special, exotic and seductive pictures is a totally different form of entertainment that promises to both entertain and bring couples closer together. Whether you're alone or with friends, it guarantees to liven up an afternoon, or an evening. Try it sometime!

Swinger Photo Photography Tip:
A one-megapixel photograph is about 1280 x 960 pixels in dimensions. Most people have their screens set far below that, so at that size you would need to either zoom out or scroll over and down to see the whole image. However, printing that picture on a high quality printer might look a little bit fuzzy if you make it larger than say, 3 x 4 inches. Photo editing programs give you the ability to scale-down or crop your images, but that can take time, depending on how many pictures you need to resize! Other nice features to have might be: a tripod mount (for shake-free and photographer-inclusive shots), built-in flashes, automatic exposure modes and light compensation modes.

Swinger Photo Photography Tip:
Be sure to empty your camera's memory card prior to an expected date or event. And above all, always have a fresh pack of spare batteries waiting, because you can be absolutely certain that if things do get interesting, your batteries will go dead!

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