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Driver/Chauffeur needed Long Beach CA NYE
FORUMS > General Discussions > Business > Driver/Chauffeur needed Long Beach CA NYE       12-26-2013 12:38 PM
<span style="background-color:rgb(249, 248, 253); color:rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family:tahoma; font-size:small">Not sure where to post this, but this seems as good as a place as any. We and another couple are going to a party in Hollywood with dinner beforehand and we don't want to be driving whilst drinking. If anyone knows someone discreet in the Long Beach area who would be interested in making $25/hour that night for driving four randy swingers around, send him/her our way. We expect it will be from 8 PM to 3 AM. It would involve driving us from LB to a restaurant in Hollywood, from the restaurant to the party, and then the party back to Long Beach. We're renting an SUV so the driver would need to have a clean driving record and be comfortable driving a big vehicle. And be able to keep her/his eyes on the road with sex happening in the back seats. Drop as a message if you are interested/know anyone who is interested.</span><br /> <span style="background-color:rgb(249, 248, 253); color:rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family:tahoma; font-size:small">The Libidini</span>;
Southern cali clubs
FORUMS > Travel, Clubs and Resorts > Clubs > Southern cali clubs       07-16-2012 12:20 PM
We ended up going to Crave in San Diego for our first club and had a great time. Highly recommended!
Vancouver clubs
FORUMS > Travel, Clubs and Resorts > Clubs > Vancouver clubs       07-16-2012 12:17 PM
We're making a trip to Vancouver, BC on the weekend of 11 August...anyone have any swing club recommendations?
Sea Mountain Inn-SoCal Parties for Newbies
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > Sea Mountain Inn-SoCal Parties for Newbies       06-17-2012 20:47 PM
Beyond having a highly unsatisfying MFF threesome with an escort last year, we're totally inexperienced. We're both excited about trying swinging, though, but we want to take it slowly. The two ideas we're toying with right now are spending a day/night at the Sea Mountain Inn and going to one of the local (SoCal) parties. So, we have two questions: does anyone have any feedback on the Sea Mountain Inn that's more recent than three years (the most recent on SLS)? And can anyone suggest a newbie-friendly party in SoCal? We live in Long Beach and are willing to drive an hour or two if need be. Any input would be profoundly appreciated. Cheers, Mr Libid
Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel - Palm Springs ,CA
FORUMS > Clubs > California Swingers Clubs > Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel - Palm Springs ,CA       06-17-2012 20:39 PM
We're considering an eastward sojourn to Sea Mountain Inn and were wondering if there's any more recent feedback. We're brand new to the lifestyle (still testing it out, really) and were thinking it'd be a fun introduction. Anyone have any recent experiences?
Southern cali clubs
FORUMS > Travel, Clubs and Resorts > Clubs > Southern cali clubs       05-14-2012 15:08 PM
We're just starting out and we'd love to get some input on which SoCal lifestyle nightclub is the "best" for newbies. We're fairly attractive HWP 40-ish couple who want a similar crowd that would be a good introduction to the lifestyle. Any suggestions?
Best SoCal Club
FORUMS > Events > California > Best SoCal Club       05-14-2012 15:06 PM
We're just starting out and we'd love to get some input on which lifestyle nightclub is the "best" for newbies. We're fairly attractive HWP 40-ish couple who want a similar crowd that would be a good introduction to the lifestyle. Any suggestions?
Any SoCal-Central Cal Memorial Day Events
FORUMS > Events > California > Any SoCal-Central Cal Memorial Day Events       04-18-2012 19:04 PM
We're looking for a newbie-friendly event on Memorial Day for a minor road trip. We're thinking anywhere from San Diego up to, say, the Bay Area with Vegas as the eastern limit. Anyone got any ideas?
Trending Big
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > Trending Big       04-12-2012 10:54 AM
From the HBO web site, episode 239: "New Rule: Stop acting surprised that Stephen Hawking likes to hang out at a sex club in San Bernardino. True. It was in the news. The guy spends all day solving the mysteries of the universe. Can you blame him if sometimes he just wants to kick back and watch fat guys f**k each other's wives on an air mattress?"
Trending Big
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > Trending Big       04-11-2012 22:28 PM
So, we've decided to get into the lifestyle. Slowly, to be sure, but everyone is on board. Though we're both 40-ish, we're both quite fit (in both the UK and US senses of the word, we hope). We actually *are* gym rats (3-7x/week+soccer+kayaking+swimming+etc) and at least part of the reason for that is that we like athletic, trim bodies. Physical attraction is a necessary (though not sufficient) condition for the people we'd like to play with. It seems, though, that there is a statistical skew toward big/heavy people in the lifestyle and it's scaring us off a bit. In doing some research on local parties, we came a across a bunch of photos from a social party thrown by one of these local clubs. While we weren't expecting all triathletes and supermodels, there didn't seem to be anyone with a BMI of under 30 at that particular party. And we should be clear: we have no judgement of bigger people. Some of our best friends are not HWP. But we don't want to fuck them. It's purely an aesthetic preference, like not liking classical music. Neither of us like classical music, but we don't think it's bad. We just don't want to listen to it. Please understand we're not saying anything condemning or putting down our bigger brothers and sisters. We are working up to going to our first club, but we're a bit afraid that the ratio of HWP to big people might be low, going on the evidence of that one photo album and our frankly unscientific and statistically unsound perusal of this and similar sites. Then Bill Maher's recent comment on his show regarding Stephen Hawking made us think perhaps there's something to that observation (having met Bill, I'm sure that crack came from his personal experience). So what is your sense? Is this an accurate observation of the qualities of the population that inhabit the lifestyle? Or are we falling prey to the confirmation bias based on having seen lots of big people on the swinger segment on Real Sex when we like 10 years ago? And how do you deal with telling someone they're very nice but you can't play with them because, well, there's rather too much of them? While listening to SwingerCast today, we were discussing maybe being successful in the lifestyle is predicated on trying to relax one's standards of attractiveness. What do you all think?
Best LA Club
FORUMS > Events > California > Best LA Club       04-03-2012 23:16 PM
We've not been to a swing club before (and have some [but limited] swinging experience) and we're interested in hitting a club. We're both 40-ish, educated professionals, well turned out and interested in meeting similar people. Any suggestions as to which would be the best club for us? There seem to be quite a few... Thanks!
Sex Headaches
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Sex Headaches       02-02-2012 18:42 PM
Oh, I mentioned it to my ex (a physician) and she said it was thing that happens. She did suggest a trip to the doctor for some diagnostics, which are on for next week, but she said it is usually harmless. I didn't go into too much detail because, even as the postmodern, great-friends-as-exes that we are, talking about one's current sex life with your ex can be a bit dicey, esp. when the lack of compatibility there was part of the reason for one's parting ways... The headache thing is actually a long way from being the thing that keeps us from playing with the moment we're very busy with school and work and we've had only one or two really compelling online connections so far. At the rate we're going, this will have resolved itself long before we get naked with anyone else. Cheers, Jake
Sex Headaches
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Sex Headaches       02-02-2012 15:44 PM
Hey folks--I did mean to imply this is the M half of our couple with the "mostly men" comment. Sorry if there's any confusion. I used the my GFs picture cause, let's face it, she's hotter than I am :-). Anyway, this is an established phenomenon, a specific case of what is generally called an "exertion" headache. The technical term is "coital cephalalgia" (look in wikipedia for Coital_cephalalgia). It's claimed to be relatively rare, but I fall into exactly the onset age range and it's sort of bumming me out. Having wanted to engage in multipartner adventuring my whole life (and having a had only a small handful of chances to do so), I've been incredibly grateful for the openmindedness of my current GF of 4 years. To be kept away from playing thus because of this headache thing would be horribly ironic and a letdown of major proportions.
Sex Headaches
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Sex Headaches       02-01-2012 22:25 PM
Has anyone else ever heard of a "sex headache"? It turns out to be a bona fide medical phenomenon where people (mostly men, but also some women) develop an intense headache just before orgasm. It has happened to me the last two times we've had sex and I seriously thought I was having a stroke the first time. It apparently visits for a while, making you have this headache whenever you're just about to, well, get there for a year or so, then it goes away. I'm hoping there's a way around this because this could seriously dent the sexual adventure we're just embarking upon. Talk about something that would make someone not want to play with you a second time (clutching one's head in pain a the exact moment you should be most into it). Anyway, just interested to hear if anyone else has also had this problem.
Escort for first 3way
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Escort for first 3way       02-01-2012 22:19 PM
Our first sexual adventuring was with an escort in Las Vegas. It was a monumentally disappointing experience. I suspect it had less to do with the fact of hiring an escort than the particular escort we hired. She was super-nice after the sex finished and chatted in a very engaged way with us for the entire time we have contracted with her. We decided later that her scthick must be the GFE thing where the GF part she enjoyed (or at least pretended to enjoy), the sex not so much. It honestly put a serious dent into our collective confidence and it's taken us a year to consider dipping our toes back into the exploratory world of recreational sex. That said, it also proved to us that our relationship was strong enough, and we could separate out any feelings of jealousy enough, to be able to keep exploring. Finally, there are some escorts that are known for their interest/ability in working with couples. Drop an email if you are interested (we are familiar with Las Vegas/LA/San Francisco mostly) Cheers, JM
Swing Clubs: What happens
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > Swing Clubs: What happens       01-26-2012 18:01 PM
Before the question, some context (and I apologise if this question has been asked and answered already [it seems like the sort of question that would be] but I've looked and not been able to turn up previous discussions specifically surrounding this issue): The GF and I have been talking about sexual adventuring for a while. We posted here about a year ago and posted some three or so years ago on AFF, but never really followed up on it. About a year ago, we figured the best way of stepping in was to hire an escort. While it had it's fun moments (sex being like pizza, even when it's bad...), it was a tremendous letdown. Even though she advertised as being someone who enjoyed working with couples, the girl we hired was totally not into it. Reminded me of the scene in "Klute" with Jane Fonda staring blankly at the ceiling whilst her client went about his business. Really dire and put us off the adventures for nearly a year after that. Now we're talking about it again, and while I think we'll probably try the escort route again (we've got a trip coming up), we also are looking into swinging. There seems to be a tremendous amount of overhead when trying to set up meeting folks via SLS or AFF. Emailing, chatting, more emailing, weeding out flakes and poseurs, etc. So we're considering going to Club Joi (close to where we live) or maybe a club in London, Vancouver, or SF, all of which we travel to pretty frequently. Thing is, we have no idea *what actually happens* at a swing club. What do people do whilst there? We assuming dancing, chit chat, etc., but what's the standard way of interacting with folks there. If you chat someone up just to friendly and make a connection, are they going to assume you're interested in swinging with them? Do most people just make connections and then followup later? I understand there are play areas at most clubs, but how prevalent is people actually getting naked? Would it be ok to go and just check out the scene without an implicit suggestion that we're looking to play right then and there? And what sort of age range does one usually get? Though we are right around 40 (today's actually my 40th birthday) which looks to be just left of the mean on SLS, we are hoping there are folks around our age. We're both a bit introverted, so is there an openness to people who need a little help getting started, socially? Anyway, just have lots of questions before we decide to venture out into swingland and we'd appreciate any input from those of you who have been to clubs. Cheers, James
How Can You Be New to the Lifestyle But Have Been a Member of SLS For YEARS
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > How Can You Be New to the Lifestyle But Have Been a Member of SLS For YEARS       01-26-2012 17:38 PM
As in most cases, I try to look for human weakness rather than malice. In this instance, it's certainly possible (perhaps even likely) that one half a couple was interested in swinging before the other one was and came and posted an exploratory profile. This state of limbo could go on for years whilst the other party is being (cajoled? lobbied? gently convinced?) into the whole project. I was recently shocked to see that I had an adult friend finder ad from 2008 when the GF and I first started talking about sexual adventuring, but it took us till last year to actually pull the trigger, as it were. So I'd suspect that most people are just taking a long time to get up to speed. Another possibility is that, even though they've got some experience, they still *feel* like newbies. I can't imagine the butterflies we both had with our one experience going away anytime soon, so that's something I related too, as well. Folks might just be managing expectations. You might expect a couple with lots of experience to take the lead, but this might just be their way of saying "we're still pretty uncertain about how this is done so we'd prefer not to take the lead" or something like that. Again, if you assume people are fallible/imperfect, not intentionally manipulative, the world is a better place to live in.
Club Joi - Beverly Hills,CA
FORUMS > Clubs > California Swingers Clubs > Club Joi - Beverly Hills,CA       01-18-2012 22:18 PM
Would love to hear some more recent feedback about the club. We're considering making the northward sojourn to the club for our first swinger's party/club, but we're hesitant because of the lack of information about it. Anyone want to post a trip report to help us and others out? Cheers!
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