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Single Men-First Contact
FORUMS > Successful Swinging > Achieving Single Male Success > Single Men-First Contact       05-31-2013 21:57 PM
There's nothing wrong with the ladies making 1st contact, either here on SLS or at a party. You could end up having a very enjoyable evening and waiting with anticipation to repeat as many times as possible ;-)
House Party
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > House Party       02-13-2013 08:48 AM
We attended a house party a few years back that a newbie couple had in their home on a Sunday night. When we walked in the door, the clutter of her collections (dolls/barbies, etc) was everywhere & VERY dusty. Without trying to hurt the hostess' feelings, we suggested that they attend a few house parties before they tried again. The only "play" area was a daybed in the back of the house and she had bowls of condoms in 3 or 4 areas. Her partner had worked a 12 hr shift and arrived after we'd been there awhile. He walked in the door, sat down and tried to get things started. There were a few couples that we knew and we all ended up leaving within a few minutes of each other with the excuse we had to work early the next day. A day or so later my SO was chatting with her and he finally told her why we all left, from the clutter to her partners lack of hygiene and bad BO. Every once in awhile we see them post a hot date, the have hotel gatherings now.
Pitiful treatment of single males
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Pitiful treatment of single males       02-06-2013 21:18 PM
We've been to many parties and the hosts/co-hosts take care of the party details from check-in, collecting donations, cleanup & security. Why would you expect a SM to "volunteer", would you ask a SF or a couple the same thing? I agree not that many events allow SM's to attend but those that do allow ones that they know and can vouch for. I don't actively seek out SM at a party but if I did I'd feel at ease knowing they passed a pre-screening from the hosts or were personally referred by someone we know.
do you cum in your playmate
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > do you cum in your playmate       01-06-2013 00:27 AM
We were together a year before we went without a condom. When we play with others, condoms are used or there won't be penetration. It doesn't matter how comfortable we are with someone, it's not worth the risk to go bareback. We carry latex free condoms incase allergies weren't discussed before meeting someone new. As for using them only to prevent pregancy as mentioned in a earlier post... I am fixed but he isn't and the last thing we'd need is a unwanted pregnancy with someone that he/we have played with.
Anal attempted
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Anal attempted       06-09-2012 13:48 PM
My SO is very well endowed & fairly thick so it took patience & lots of lube to be successful after 4 or 5 attempts. I like anal but have to be fully prepared for it or it's not happening. As a couple we only use condoms for anal play, with others condoms are always used and are changed when we go front to back. We always talk to new couples about likes & dislikes when we meet so we're all on the same page when it comes down to fun. If a profile clearly states no anal we don't even bring it up.
Staying overnight
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Staying overnight       06-05-2012 23:31 PM
From a couple & single female perspective overnight stays can be fun. Before my SO & I became a couple I used to spend the night, sleeping between the husband & wife, several times a month. They were fairly new friends but we set ground rules and I always abided by them. If the hubby and I had sex in the night I always woke her up so she could join or just watch. From a couples point of view, we have 3 guest rooms and do offer a place to stay if they're from out of town. We leave it up to the couple but it's nice traveling and knowing the option is open.
Complaints of a Single Male
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Complaints of a Single Male       04-15-2012 23:56 PM
We enjoy chatting with SM's but I don't flirt & lead them on if I'm not interested in meeting. If a profile doesn't have a face picture, whether it's a couple, SM or SF chances are I won't accept the chat request to begin with. I met my SO at a lifestyle party over 4 years ago, so not all SM are bad. Have patience, be respectful & don't start the chat or email out with nice tits, can I see your private pics. I do like seeing what a guy has to offer but please dear god atleast have a face picture in one of your galleries.
Single men, WTF
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Single men, WTF       04-11-2012 16:10 PM
I agree with sweettart. It's okay to make friends but when they start getting too close with one of us or start giving relationship advise it's time to move on. Every open relationship is different & when you start making me uncomfortable with the amount of time you want to spend with my partner you're done.
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