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What Is A Woman's Role In The Family
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > What Is A Woman's Role In The Family       08-26-2008 20:56 PM
I get what you are trying to say.We do not share your values on household chores as to who does them. We do not think it is an important issue as to who will be doing the chore.What you are not getting, to us it does not matter which one of us does the household chores.Never once has there been a quote from me stating the household chores are unimportant to be done.Never once did I make a statement saying those who do this are inferior.That is your spin. Are you saying because we do it together that we did not want a clean enviroment for our chidlren while they were growing up?Or,we did not want a loving, caring growing area for our chidlren? We believe that it should be shared even if the woman is a stay at home Mom.We have been sharing the household chores for 26 years.Suzy happens to have her summers off, what she chooses to do is her choice,read a good book, sit by the pool and chill what ever makes her happy.We enjoy doing these items together so it is trival in our household.Again the trival deals with who does the chores not what is done, you did not catch that vibe.That is why to us it is unimportant as to which one of us does the household chores.Newsflash people do hire others to clean house. I grew up watching my Mom slaving away at trying to keep a household of 8 children ,clean. I saw her work herself to the bone with absolutely no help from the father.IT WAS HER JOB!!!After all she was a stay at home Mom. Are you getting this, yet? Who the fuck came up with that noble idea.I grew up seeing no matter how much she did ,it just ended up more of the same. I grew up realizing it was to be a SHARED concern.Again as to who does the chore ,it is trival.I do not see it as her chore or any others chore.Do I get it,I sure do . I get that it should not be that way.Moms should receive and expect additional help from their spouse. You want to be critical about this way of thinking? Moms teach their children how to read, ride a bike, play sports,play with each child,feed the kid,music lessons,dance lessons ,make koolaid for all the neigborhood kids.Have a safe enviroment for all the kids,deal with the school, deal with the kids off from school for the summer,days off during the school year and in todays world they have to juggle a professional career along with all these other items and more. and we want to argue who does the household chores. Again what is to be decided?Lets make a mountain out of a mole hill.It is the least of our worries,we do not spend time trying to decide who has to do what on the household chores.
Exactly how is obama gonna unite America
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Exactly how is obama gonna unite America       08-25-2008 21:16 PM
I love Obamas ability to give speeches.He is truely one of the greats in delievering a speech. He has an ability to fire up the people with the way he speaks.He has great influxtion with his vocal cords.His movement is precise and the pauses create enthusiasm. However I have not heard nor have I read how these ideas will be paid for ,implemented or supported.I have ehard this and that needs to be changed.How will the change take place ? These items that need to be changed what will they be changed to look like?
What Is A Woman's Role In The Family
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > What Is A Woman's Role In The Family       08-24-2008 09:36 AM
The household duties are not as important as the daily decisions made for your children,and how the house is run. I am not saying household duties should not be taken care of by someone. I am saying they are the least of anyones worries.To me they are an expectation of what needs to be done.What is to be decided on wha is ot be done? I am not putting anyone down who does this for the family.Those would be your words not mine,your perception not mine.I happen to hold the woman in my life in higher requards then filling a role.It is the term; role that I have a problem with . I can do them or Suzy can do them it does not matter who does them as long as it gets done. You walk by clothes on the floor ,pick them up as you walk by,why do they have to be left for Mom to pick up? This to me is an expectation.Dishes in the siink put them in the dishwasher or wash the dishes.Same for any of the household chores that need to be done. Take the whole picture and context of what was stated and it becomes clear. Being a Mom is the toughest job on the planet.The majority have to juggle a career along with being a Mom with no help.I would never reduce a womant to having to play a role in the family That is my point. Since WWII women have become a major force in the workplace along with the home, and in shaping the country.I do not have to tell you this.In such a short time the thinking about what a woman can do has come a very long way. Prior to this time the thought pattern was a woman must fit a role in the family,one who listened to the husband,who took orders from the husband , and obeyed the husband,even some who would not speak unless spoken to first.I had a neighbor where the family unit was run just like that, this was in 1981. There still are families who run this type of family unit.
Favorite position!
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Favorite position!       08-23-2008 16:52 PM
favorite position. horizontal and sleeping. Favorite place for sex and position. she sitting on the countertop in the kitchen.Perfect positioning and perfect height. Would say the hood of car ,those small sports cars are hell on the hood,larger car definitely the hood of the car.
What Is A Woman's Role In The Family
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > What Is A Woman's Role In The Family       08-23-2008 16:44 PM
What role does a woman play in the family. I would not characterize Suzy's place in our family as a role.She and I are in this 100% together.I would even go as far as saying she propbably has the majority of power o make things happen. She is ,strong intelligent,sincere,lover,caring ,honest,mother and mom and one to motivate others including myself.We would not be in the position we are in if not for Suzy. What was listed would probably account for 75% of what it is about to raise a family. She would be the driving force behind all of our success. I would not say household duties mean a whole lot. These are minor and should be shared.Hell for that matter you can pay someone to cook and clean house.Trivial crap. However of all the GREAT qualities she posses, decision making would be the least fun for her as it can be tough at times.Her job requires a lot of decisions. We make the most important decisions together such as decisions concerning the kids .Soon all 3 of them will be making their own decisions as one graduated from college and two others are attending college.YIPPIE almost done. All other decisions are small.A car ? Why would I want to make a decision on a car she will be driiving the majority of the time, I have the car I want to drive.? A house? All I need is an office to work out of.I could enjoy a condo. The role of the Mother and MOm is huge and more then a role.
A History Lesson
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > A History Lesson       08-23-2008 09:08 AM
the greatest invention would be the toilet. Everybody uses it on a dally basis.Some more then others What I want to see invented would be an automatic tissue replacement device so I can get on the toilet in the middle and dark of night,reach to the tissue holder and pull the tissue from under instead of over the top.Instead I make lots of noise to find out where the paper is hid today. Where would we be if not for the toilet ,wiping asses with leaves
We are that couple
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > We are that couple       08-22-2008 19:20 PM
I think you can control the emotion of love.If you are not in search of falling in love. We have met amazing people,intelligent,beautiful,solid characters.We are in love with one another,we are not in search of falling in love , we are not in search of replacing one another. When something is missing from a persons life the emotion of love probably wiil enter into a swinging situation. I agree with Jan on this one. I am not so sure it is self control ,would say it is more from being balanced in their life.Having their speical someone and being connected to that specal person. I say this as I do not have to think about falling in love with another person ,it has never entered my mind to have a need to control the emotion.
How Rich is Rich
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > How Rich is Rich       08-22-2008 19:06 PM
Teaching sales I always tell potential sales technicians to throw away their prejduging on what people can or can not afford.Every time a prejudgement has been made it will be wrong. Those living in those 1.5 mil homes may have money,which probably is tied up at the moment.I say this as salespeopl lick thier lips thinking they have a solid cold call.Another person living in a torn down home that is paid for, the area they live in is torn apart,their car is paid for just happen to be more cash rich then those living in the 1.5 mil home. What is rich? Would it be based on the cash available or cash that can be available when the investment becomes mature? The next question would be when is enough enough? I will define rich as meeting your potential and exceeding said potential.
Can a Republican and-or an economist explain this to me
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Can a Republican and-or an economist explain this to me       08-18-2008 23:03 PM
You have a great question one that can be answered several different ways. I am not sure paying for fat camps would prevent what you are seeking. I am looking at all those people who do the advertising for the diet companies .They seem to lose quite a lot of weight however at the end of the day they do not keep it off and within a few months they are back to their old habits. With this in mind how many times do we want the insurance to pay for something that is not working and will not work. I would rather see in education a class on attitude,the right atttitude. Instead of saying something can't be done find a solution that can be done.Train people on how to break habits and form new habits. They claim a new habit can be formed 21-30 days. You must have the attitude to change the habit in order for the habit to be replaced with a new routine. It is all about an atttitude, the attitude to change. An easy way to prove the ability to change a habit,if you have a desk and a waste paper can ,move the can to the other side of the desk and see how long it takes you to start throwing paper in the right direction without any movements towards the old location. If we really look at the real problem,could it be that people live to their 80's and 90's where recently it was only the late 60's and early 70's.We are a healthier nation,we live longer which means health benefits have to be spread thin in order to cover the majority of people..
Thought I was OK with full swap until it actually happened
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Thought I was OK with full swap until it actually happened       08-18-2008 22:44 PM
I have a slightly different take, however the same kind of advice. What I caught more then anything else with the discription was: He was into this other woman more then he is into you ?This scares the hell out of me that you are not secure with the sexuality of yourself and your husband.This is paramount,you must have a secure sexual relationship with one another before you can share the moments with other people. The love that you have for each other can never be compromised.What this comes down to is just sex and when sex becomes more then just a sexual rendevous with others it may be the time to not just stop for now but get out of this.Swinging is not for everyone who tries or is involved with swinging. It seems more then a sexual problem. I hope there is time to heal,please do not hold this against the husband allow for time to help the healing. Ofetn times the male wil get into the sex a passion for sex and the tabo part of being with another woman for that time only.Afterwards it was just that, time spent no other thought
Let Them Down Gently
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Let Them Down Gently       08-17-2008 10:05 AM
I wish that only a no would be enough , There have been many times we have met people who are really nice to be with in a social enviroment. However when it would come down to a sexual enviroment we have had no connection.People seem to think if you have fun in a social enviroment then alis well with the sexual enviroment. Which is not always the case. It seems this type of person wants more then a no thanks when they are rejected. We seem to get, we all seemed to get along fine what is the problem. As the years have rolled by we have changed our attitude on this issue.Everyone knows relatively quickly if there is a sexual connection or none to be had. We will excuse ourselves ,let them know it was nice meeting them and leave , there is no ambiguity with this way.
First contact Pic etiquette
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > First contact Pic etiquette       08-17-2008 09:53 AM
It drives me nuts to open an email where a person or couple has sent, we would like to meet as we have many things in common .Then ask for us to open our pics up without opening theirs to us.What are they thinking? Open your pics if you send an email. When we send out emails we surely open our pics to those we show an interest in meeting.
10,000 dollar question
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > 10,000 dollar question       08-17-2008 09:45 AM
The simple truth the majority of times ,men and women are different ,their wants needs and desires.Often times the women need more from a sexual partner ,mental and physical, a stronger emotional attachment or whatever the want, need ,and desire be. I have found that her decision usually ends up being the proper decision that has been made when it comes to a sexual decision of who is our play friend. This is not due to my decision making process having faults, it has to do more with her ability to look into the future where I really am not interested or concerned about the future with the aspects of growth with play partners.
finding a person from the past
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > finding a person from the past       08-17-2008 09:35 AM
We are with eastern on this issue. one night fling ,thinking if they really wanted to be in touch it would have happened in the past 29 years. It is nice that you are wanting to know for sure,what if she has a child and it is not yours what kind of uneccessary trouble will be stired up. The age difference plus the fact you were a minor may end up being another bad decision.Take a long hard look to make sure this is what you wish to do at this time and how many possible lives can be turned upside down. Annie good for you . This is a totally different situation then what is described in the start of this thread. Often times kids adopted need to know where they came from and who they are and for you to get in touch shows courage,honor.
Responses or lack of
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Responses or lack of       08-15-2008 18:36 PM
Here is a different look. We do not believe there is a ened for pictures for public use. However when an email will be sent it would be a great idea to submit a picture with your email. You can do this by including pictures in your private collection ,not opened to public viewing.This will give you the sense your pictures are protected. Anyones picture from the public pictures can be copied anywhere on the internet including sites.
Need some help on some songs
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Need some help on some songs       08-11-2008 18:25 PM
dynamo hum
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > singles       08-10-2008 14:55 PM
hell no stop it this guy is a joke when you have a single ,they are there to please you both. Meaning if you as the hubby want to join in the 3 som you do .Any single who says you can not join in needs to rethink their position in all of this when dealing with a couple.
We are that couple
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > We are that couple       08-10-2008 14:49 PM
Don't you think there is emotion involved every time you have sex with another? Even hate is an emotion but I doubt very seriously anyone has sex out of hate for the person they will be with.I don't know hate sex could be as great as make up sex.I do believe emotion is invovled,with the story of the couple we do not hang out with there is something that strikes one of our emotions where we just have to have sex. We like the couple, we just do not have to much in common with our daily lives. Emotion motivates the different feelings. Emotion drives decision making. Those that are motivated for the pure sex of it are driven by an emotional response to themselves for their sexual drive. I am one who believes that the term love is used when the term, really cares for another alot would be the term that fits the description. I love my work, I love my daughter, I love my son, I love my wife ,I love the people we swing with .Huge difference on the meaning of love. I love my work means I really like my job. I love my swinging buddies meaning I really really like my swinging buddies I love my wife meaning I would die for her the same for daughter and son. but not the same for work or my swinging buddies. However I do agree that emotion needs to be involved while swinging with others even if it is the emotion of being passionate about and for sex. I think we could put people in a room,half could be people someone adored the other half you know nothing about.Blindfold that person put them in a room,they would have a very hot sexy time and the passion for sex would be great without knowing who was the one. BUT thinking it was one of the half you adored then finding out it was one of the other half. I would bet minds would change.
Hotels - Motels who pays
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Hotels - Motels who pays       08-09-2008 08:32 AM
Whoever pays depends on the discussion of who pays for the room. Our idea would be to split the costs or who can afford the room if it is not possible to split the costs. Way to often the communication between people tend to not shed light on what is really happening with each person. While speaking we have been fortunate to be able to surmise without asking if a person or couple can split the costs.If we do not believe they can we will pay for the room as we are lucky to have our children out of the house ,going to college,graduated from college so our expenses are not the same as those with children at home. Many forget the costs or raising children,the clothes, shoes ,socks ,shirts school books ,medical etc. Why destroy the potential for having a great time for 50-100 bucks to split a room
We are that couple
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > We are that couple       08-09-2008 08:25 AM
Don't you agree that we are not talking about LOVE in the truest from suchh as the love you have for your spouse, children, relatives. I do believe this needs to be expressed as it becomes a confusing issue when you say you must have LOVE for another. Can you have a deep emotional attachment for another,agree with that kind of thinking. Do you need a deep emptional attachment to enjoy the sexual arousal another brings in for enhancement ? I do not believe this for one instant that it has to become emotional. Think about it this way ,what would happen if for some reason the relationship were to end quickly for this or that reason how would it affect you in your present relationship. We might become angry ,disappointed,feel betrayed this does not indicate LOVE. I can understand wanting to have more then a basic relationship in order to have a divine emotional attachment building a relationship that can last for a very long time.More then a friend but less then a true love. The quest for this kind of relationship can be difficult ,time constraints,distance, availability become the issues that define said relationship when dealing with a sexual appetite
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > menopause       08-09-2008 07:56 AM
Wait ,it does get better as she adjusts to the new changes. I am not sure THE LOOKS or moods will change that much!LOL The hot flashes have become less and less. The more she is into menopause the more she understands the many changes that are happening,drugs are not the only way to help.Diet has worked very well. Has she noticed more and more intense dreams at night? Us men must adjust to her needs during this time,we have the easy part we just have to adjust how we think and behave,where she has the body and spirit adjusting in ways she does not wish it to adjust. I could not believe how it attacks all parts of the body from digesting foods ,weight loss and gain,moods,body temperature,spirit,and many more.
A Song to Suit your current Mood
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > A Song to Suit your current Mood       08-05-2008 16:59 PM
Dark side of the moon. fits perfect
Probably a strange request BUT
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Probably a strange request BUT       08-05-2008 16:54 PM
Back the truck up. I never judged nor did I say anything was wrong. What I said , strange for one is not strange for another usiing descritpions in this thread.How anyone perceives any situation is on them not me. How anyone comes to their conclusions has nothing to do with me.
Probably a strange request BUT
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Probably a strange request BUT       08-04-2008 16:39 PM
this is a srange request.but no stranger then a family on a swingers site together. What may seem strange to one may not be strange at all to another. Why judge On the pot issue.Have a friend in Ohio who spent time in prison for pot.Third time to get busted, the three strike rule. The only dealing he did was to get pot for his friends.He is a true stoner,the last time, he was rolling a doobie at a traffic light and rolled right into the back of a police car.OOOPS he said.
Movies Movie Movies
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Movies Movie Movies       08-04-2008 16:18 PM
The Mummy. save your money to watch the rental dvd.
swinger symbols
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > swinger symbols       08-03-2008 10:02 AM
go to nasca I am sure you can purchase the national symboll of the apple with a bite out of it from them, it is their trademark symbol.
Feelings and the Lifestyle
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Feelings and the Lifestyle       07-30-2008 16:37 PM
I really can't put a label towards attraction number. Here this may be odd,but for the most part it has been the most exciting fun swing sex.We know this couple,we have absolutely nothing in common other then we just have magnificent sex. We do not hang out with one another,we do not meet for dinner,we may see them at a bar or party once in a blue moon.Whenever we do see one another ,it is clothes off time ,it can be in the parking lot.One time it was right at the table in a dance club.It does not matter where we are we find a place to have sex.Pure animalistic fantastic sex. No love ,no feelings,no emotional ties what so ever. Other times we have met people became friendly, played the time date game. Still others we have known for 15 years.Each have their own simple pleasures.Each gives off a different spirit of play.Each has its own intensity with sex. To limit yourself to one and only one style of play to me sounds as if there is no creativity.No grey area to reach out grasp new ideas,find your true sexuality that hides in each one of us.Open the mind, enjoy more of what is out there to enjoy. To ask do you have to like the person. hell yeah you do. What would be the point of sex if you did not like them. Does this mean you have to be able to hang ten with them,absolutely not.I know a lot of people who I like but do not have to hang out with them in order to like them.
Bareback Exposure
FORUMS > General Discussions > Safe Sex > Bareback Exposure       07-29-2008 20:46 PM
There are tons of ways to minimize the risk.Not all ways are close to 100% . Again communication.People love to talk.People love even more to talk about themselves.Let them.They will divuldge to you how often they play and with what types of people. You form your own ideas on what is a safe risk and what is not. You can use condoms thinking safer sex.Used with the above even a more safer enviroment for youselves. If only a few percentage points at less risk. With leakage,breakage,losing the condom the percentages go way down. The percentage your using I would tend to think will be when it works, not withstanding the leagage,breakage or lost condom. I say this as it is never brought up in the percentages.However I do speculate on the percentages of this happening when condom usage has been done by us. Sexual penetration does not stop with ejaculation,shrinkage!The condom does not shrink back into the shape it covers. To really be in a safer enviroment you must really choose a different approach other then penetration with another. This can be your only conclusion for safer less risky sex. It is like wearing a rain coat in the rain ,staying in the rain until it has stopped and not expect to be wet. I think it is time people get over it ,accept differences ,say best of luck nice knowing you and move on.Make the best possible decision for you.However know there are people you will meet , have sex with who do not always wear protection I can understand the issue of someone thinking another has stupid practices without that person being stupid.The practice is in question. However this is also tied to the person for having stupid practices. Each have thier own way ,have fun with whatever way you choose.
Who would be our ideal first African American President
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Who would be our ideal first African American President       07-29-2008 20:05 PM
I was wondering when Powel and or Rice would enter this thread. Two very good quallty intelligent people who have experience. I think Powel has the stronger character.
After the playtime is over what next
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > After the playtime is over what next       07-29-2008 19:56 PM
are you all trying to convince me and others that each time you play you have equally the same fun in playing?If your having a blast and your spouse is having a so so time do you stop . Leave your for now partner.Go directly to your spouse so they can have as great a time, as you were having? Why is that situation any different then what is described above with the exception of what the hubby supposedly said. We are taking that as being fact which was brought by hear-say,spread for the 3rd time. If he did say what has been laid out, he is wrong.No ands ifs or buts.The act ,sex itself I am not sure is out of line taken in context of all being naked,delivering sex. Where one did not involve themselves,could be due to inexperience,shyness or not really being into the act at that time. I see both at some type of fault. One did not communicate not being satisfied with the conditions ,not into it or whatever feelings they had at that time.The other not seeing what was going on with their spouse.I myself have always held the belief you do not get what you want, need, or desire if do not ask for it. This holds true on all sides of the ball.
After the playtime is over what next
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > After the playtime is over what next       07-28-2008 20:26 PM
The very best thing for her is to talk to her hubby about her feelings.How she felt and why she felt that way. Communication is and will always be the key. Over the years we have seen this scene far to often. Quite often it is the female who has all the attention paid to her while little to none to the male. All you have to do is read all the threads where people claim if they don't get any no one gets any. It seems when a male does this it triggers a memory which never fades away and becomes the disgust of all times. I am sure this has happened to many who swing at one time or another. Or who have swung for many years,it is bound to happen.Where one has felt they were not as invloved with the others "fun Time" If he in fact said what is cliamed to be said We could have stayed home and banged if that is all we wanted to do tonight ,that is pure garbage.Like the phone game not always what is said is actually what was said in the first place.By the time it has been said for the 3rd time you have a totally different meaning of what was said.
Things that make your brain hurt
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Things that make your brain hurt       07-28-2008 20:13 PM
on the first floor ,at an elevator and people asking if it is going up. Nope sideways
Swinging for the 50 and over
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Swinging for the 50 and over       07-28-2008 20:12 PM
We love this age.For us there is no fear,been there done that not afraid to give it a go again. This time a little wiser , learned from mistakes,prepare better,know that everything and anything can be fixed with the right attitude. Just love it,empty nesters,still the kids bring in strays to stay for days. Enjoy the bands of the 70's and 80's playing out door venues where a lounge chair comes in handy. I guess the worst part would be listening to stairway to heaven in the elevator where people are still afraid to speak to one another for some strange reason.
sentence of the day award - part deux
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > sentence of the day award - part deux       07-27-2008 20:34 PM
Diamond ,totally agree with you. I read that also and thought the same.Plus the added touch of saying all were friends but would not touch them with a ten foot pole attitude. Sounded more to me as if it was not the right party for them to attend so often.
Movies Movie Movies
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Movies Movie Movies       07-27-2008 16:46 PM
just saw journey to the center. good 3 d affects.
Party protocall for woman
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Party protocall for woman       07-27-2008 08:36 AM
before you go to the party ask for a list of those attending and possibly screen names, you will be able to decide if you want to go or not. You can see if they are fit enough for your liking. This may help you to avoid the unpleasantness of having to say no thanks.
A Song to Suit your current Mood
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > A Song to Suit your current Mood       07-26-2008 16:12 PM
ain't nothig bout you . Brooks & Dunn
Movies Movie Movies
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Movies Movie Movies       07-26-2008 16:06 PM
great movie . Usual Suspects
Nutty Professors or The Arrogance of the Academe
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Nutty Professors or The Arrogance of the Academe       07-26-2008 08:05 AM
Good: I am glad you were able to get part of the analogy. Now to get the rest and insert it into the context of the thread.. Funny you should try to reset it as a way to get into heaven! LMAO Perhaps you need to try laughing once in awhile to enjoy life instead of always trying to pick a fight you can't possibly win.
Nutty Professors or The Arrogance of the Academe
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Nutty Professors or The Arrogance of the Academe       07-24-2008 20:43 PM
In May we traveled to upstate New York for our daughters graduation from SUNY college.We happened to stay for a few weeks and had so much fun while we were there. I say this as we must have met at least 20 or so professors of SUNY college. Of these we found one to be arrogant.She was one who thought she was the brightest person around at any givn time and looked down upon her co professors and us poor folk from Florida.Who just happend to make more in a year then she does in two or possibly three years. The rest happened to be truely turned on and enlightened people.Who were able to enjoy the mere teen to the grandparents of a senior graduating. Six of the professors happened to join us to visit and watch beer making and tasting and two winerys. Others joined us for dinner and open party's with the students. While with these professors we found 4 of them , during the 70's played in very successful bands.No need to work ever again to their credit they decided to give thier life experiences as gifts to others. My question would be Do you think the larger Universities bring the most arrogant professors? Our other two go to smaller schools also, we have found the same to be true at thier college they attend. However Both my wife and I went Akron U,my sister Ohio State , two more of my sisters attended Bowling Green State U. Back in the 70's and 80"s. We remember our professors as thinking they were two steps better then anyone else.
What would we do
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > What would we do       07-24-2008 20:19 PM
When a leader of a country has complete cotrol how are the people of that country going to reach out and ask for help? They can't, exactly why we have to do what is right. Sometimes choosing what is right to do does not sit well with a majority of people. The problem I see, we pick and choose which people we will help. What have we done to help the people of many countries in Africa? or others who need help in defeating tyranny. Our borders,many of us who live here now have had parents, grandparents or deeper down who entered the USA illegally.We are the land of the free,land of the blessed,land of opportunity. Anyones child can go to college.Some have to work harder at going to college then others.No one said it was fair or easy to gain the life which is meant for all. We do have the right to choose what the cost to us will be in order to achieve what we believe is our god given right. Since this is an opinion,if we were to be attacked due to our right to bear arms, we would have a heavily armed home security fighting force. Just make sure you live in an area that supports hunting fishing and the good guys wear orange.Thank god for crackers!!!!
Over used lines; installment 1
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scarey thought of being in a womans head!!! Us poor guys would be fucked up for life. You know this is in jest. There are quite a few women I would love to be able to be in thier mind and just as many I would never want to visit no matter how short the visit. The reason I bring this up.We have found just as many women brag as the men do. At the end of the day the same results for both women and men
Having horrible luck
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I have no clue why they left you during dunner,but you do have to admit it is funny that someone would leave halfway through dinner. I know we have left right after dinner a few times I am not saying your funny,it would appear to me they were kind of flakey. For them say excuse me I have to shake hands with a personal friend ,then split. Don't sweat the small stuff, this happens with the internet
There ought to be a law
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play todd rundgren's...... can we still be friends
Is SLS the best site for swingers
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Is SLS the best site for swingers       07-22-2008 20:36 PM
about the same as swing clubs. They all have their own great points and downfalls. Plus in here ,more friendly people. We have found more really nice ,laid back ,enjoy anything from no money fun to renting a limo perusing the nightlife.
Movies Movie Movies
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just watched "27 dresses" with wifey. Good chick flick.Kind of funny.
Deal Breakers
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people who brag anyone lying pushy pushy pushy know it alls on every subject people who hear a story and must top the story When you meet a swinger and all they can talk about is sex.
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you just did it here!
Film characters that scare the shit outta me!
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the chick in fatal attraction . Glen Close The other one would be where the woman tris to get back at a doctor,tries to steal the baby.She became their nanny even breast fed the baby so it wouold not take breast milk from the mother. Ruthless woman. I think it is called when the craddle rocks
Movies Movie Movies
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The Dark KNight. good movie HeathLedger stole the movie. He was GREAT~! Love the disappearing pencil trick at the beginning.Grabbed your attention. LONG LONG movie.almost 2 and half hous.Does get boring towards the end. He is the best Joker
FORUMS > General Discussions > Women Talk > Betrayed       07-18-2008 20:57 PM
wow I have a different take.Some of these are a bit cruel. the no respect disrespect ,is total bullshit. He loves you and you love him.No more need to be said.If this is not the case swinging is not for you. After any kind of feelings of betrayal you talk about it .Without getting angry. Hear both sides of what went on inside each others head at that time. Remember it is only sex. The forbidden fruit. Taboo,exciting dangerous. It is not LOVE. It sounds more like you are upset as he did not follow your instructions more then what he did. When you get a group of people and sex, the only expectation is expect the unexpected to happen.Shame on both of you for not knowing this. Some rules just do not seem important at any given time. Some rules are more guidelines. Other rules get in the way of growth. Over time most would agree, rules that were important dwindled down to not even being mentioned. Bad judgement happens ,given time you will experience a bad judgement call.Do you want to be treated like a child as you did to him on the spot?Demanding it stop demeaning him as you felt disrespected. Neither, showed restraint. What you have to decide is what rules are important and meaningful. What rules are trivial. It was just bad judgement , treat it as that.
A Song to Suit your current Mood
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Maria Muldaur. Flamiming the Flames. Good tunes to chill out with
Husband swap 3 some
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Husband swap 3 some       07-16-2008 21:12 PM
I have to agree no way send an email to ask anyone anything about another.Why in the world would you base your op on some other person? Makes no sense at all. All any certifications say is so and so got along well in a certain situation. There is no wrong or right way to swing. Just be comfortable in what your doing. If your into 3 soms have at it. If your into couples have at it. I do not want to or wish to own my wifes decisions nor her mine.Base it on your spouses happyness and yours. If she was attracted to another and I am not attracted to the other spouse why would anyone deny them that pleasure. In a 3 som that you have chosen with the chance of not getting the same in return . That is a choice you must make.Nothing is certain. Hell we have been with couples where I have just said its no good and stopped, waiting for my wife to complete. She has also been in that situation. It is the same issue you are describing basically. Someone still did not get any.
I Kissed A Girl
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on tv last night,to funny
November 4, 2008 election prediction
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Hey take a quick look. This political race has taken a radical change. Just imagine 4 months ago if the same issues today were here 4 months ago it would be different. It would be Clinton and Mitt. Clinton started tumbling Obamas hold end of April and June. She was connecting better then he was. Due to the changes in the political climate. The economy has changed the face of politics NOW. People want action not just words. Lay the plans out. Right now it is centering themselves.Trying to give a different look then what they really look like. I went to hear a speech the other day.The person started the speech off saying " If God had intended for us to vote he would have given us candidates"
Movies Movie Movies
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just finished the golden compass. I was very pleased by it.Though the ending sucked
If your horny and you know it clap your hands
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This made me chuckle. When speaking with others,always the rules are become subject matter. They will explain thiers then ask whats yours. Basically I have no rules when dealing with females.Do what you wish when you wish. This seems to be enough said to those who are interested.
Movies Movie Movies
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Black snake moan. what a crazy movie. Just watched quigly down under for the umteenth time. I love that flick
November 4, 2008 election prediction
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > November 4, 2008 election prediction       07-08-2008 19:08 PM
Right now I feel McCain will win by a very narrow margin. In the end people will change their mind and stick with character,years of service and military record. Quite a few people are intrigued by Obamas ability to convey a message. The message is good. The message is uplifting.No practical way to bring the message into play. He has not been able to show how he wants to accomplish the goals of his messages.Which can only mean IF he does bring them it will cost Americans money they do not have. The preception at the present time, McCain has offered ideas to execute.No matter how silly . Reward for new energy etc. I want cluster fuck with the president and congress/senate each fighting each other and nothing passing. Allow the people to do what they did in the late 80's & 90's.Essentially the people did what they do and the country was in great shape economically.
Movies Movie Movies
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not porn like?it has been on show time the last two months .Lots of just getting it on scenes. Wait ten minutes someone is getting naked. Your right some of the scenes are hot. Girl loves sex.Does not know how to keep a single lover and is learning she is falling in love. Always questioning in her mind if she can just satisfy one man and herself. My favorite scenes would be in the park.
A question of Ethics
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I still can not fathom a couple or single who has herpes ,hepatitis, any infectious disease would swing without giving that knowledge to potenail partners. Do those people think so little of others and themselves? Don't you believe after small chat you could figure out those who are only concerned with themselves? How much of a risk you are taking by partnering up with them? Does this enter you mind while chatting? If swinging has become a let the buyer beware as this blog suggests. I suppose we need to stick with those we know and trust.Those who swing on a weekly basis are out the door.Those who need to go to a swing club 2 times a month are to much of a risk. I would love to know of all the studies done has anyone here been asked to par take of that survey? I know we have not. We are sparkling clean. How in the world can they base the percentages on such a small population of people. have yet to see in any blog in any site any who have been part of the surveys. So we know 4 of us who are clean who were not in the survey. That percentage will rise.
Swingers messed up kids
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Swingers messed up kids       07-05-2008 10:10 AM
All you can do will be the best you can do. You try to teach values,good decision making skills. When a bad decision is made you hope you have taught them to learn from mistakes ,turn them into a positive. When they are young adults. You help them as much as you can striving to have them make the best possible decision they can make. If you have done this, you have done a very good job of parenting. For us we have been lucky.The kids experiemented,learned ,to date have made excellant decisions. They have turned disatsers into positives.Two in college one graduated in May.We are loving at this stage to see them succeed in every way possible. Now to see what we have shared with the three ,helps them grow into being productive caring adults. Each one wants to help others in acheiving their dream or goal in life from teaching to social work for wayward children. With a lot of work,luck they may just cary out their dream.
A question of Ethics
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > A question of Ethics       07-04-2008 11:04 AM
moral;of or concernedwiththe goodness and badness of human character or with the principles of right or wrong in conduct. Ethics; moral philosphy wanted to clear that up.
word to live by
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > word to live by       07-04-2008 08:18 AM
j paul getty once was asked how do you become rich . He replied. you get up early, work hard every day. strike oil
A question of Ethics
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > A question of Ethics       07-03-2008 21:56 PM
so just a friend who is not a good friend is in trouble?
A question of Ethics
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > A question of Ethics       07-03-2008 21:54 PM
knocking the fly off the ass........ depends if your in church ,not a good idea. nudist resort they will say thanks. Ethics and ethical behavior can be pretty straight forward. I however believe morals are more subjective. I would not say anything unless 100% sure.
Movies Movie Movies
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Movies Movie Movies       07-01-2008 21:41 PM
wanted . good movie. lots of action. Jumpers..boring
Swingers messed up kids
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Swingers messed up kids       07-01-2008 21:32 PM
I think the majority of the people here will say it has no affect on thier kids.I will agree with what they are saying. However we have met quite a few people who swing,there kids swing ,over the past 12-13 years.Sometimes together, meaning same parties but not physically together at these parties.What they do in the privacy of their home may be different who knows. Now of these folks we have met, to say the least they have been real strange people .Those we really do not care to be around. Far be it for me to judge them,speakign to them thye are all fucked up.There is your fucked up kids which I am sure was the bloggers idea. Out of them only one girl we have spoken with seemed to have it together.She would speak freely about living and growing up in the swining world. I would like to have the question answered to this. Do you believe since you swing and am a parent do you think your children are more sexually free? Sexually free thinking? Or more absolute in thinking one man one woman?
A question of Ethics
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > A question of Ethics       06-30-2008 18:40 PM
I would never assume that somewhere along the line I will become infected with an std by a swinger. Coming into contact is being infected.What I do assume ,people who swing have honor ethics and integerty. This is why there is always communication with others. If I feel they are missing one of the three it is not on. If they are missing one look farther as they will be missing all . Can you look at another and tell.Of course not. You can tell if they only care about themselves. The majority of the people are not slick enough to pull of the its not about me when it is always about themselves. If they swing and do have an std it is all about themselves. Just a few questions along with actions and reaction from questions you can pretty much tell what people are like. I stand by what I have suggested,speak to them privately.Alow them to make the firts move.Then move to the site manager allow them the second move. If and only if I had valid proof of someone spreading stds within the swinging community, absolutely I would warn those around the community with the proof. Such as date time I was informed by this person who carried the std to others. If the number be 50 so be it. By the way if this person has already spread the stds it is already been around the block.
A question of Ethics
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > A question of Ethics       06-29-2008 10:53 AM
std and cheating not even in the same ballpark. One affects everyone the other affects one. How are you to know if this person has come in contact with another whom you will become intimate? Pull this person aside,talk with them. Let them know your intentions and your knowledge of this situation before you act . Dangerous person,seeing what I have read in these forums, safety is of utmost concern. This would be what I consider safety. Get with his website after your chat ,allow them to investigate do whatever they need to do.One less member will not be as bad as a whole lot of members becoming infected and blaming the security of this site. Or worse yet not caring about the individuals of this site. Bad press such as this will hurt.
do you ever feel like you go unnoticed when your with your wife out at a club
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > do you ever feel like you go unnoticed when your with your wife out at a club       06-28-2008 10:21 AM
We think this happens quite a bit.All you have to do is go to a club or house party.See spouses where one is having a blast the other just sits there like a bump on a log. They may claim they are not feeling unnoticed. They have the feeling if both do not get their no one does. There are also those who are just quiet. So many wish to throw them into the wallflower section. Just shy quiet people who do not venture into the limelight while thier spouse has happy feet. Network with those that are around you.There is absolutely no sense in making yourself feel sorry with the situation you found yoursef involved with .Learn to communicate. You don't have to be the center , cricle the center area having fun. Women for the most part are a whole lot more fun then the males. They will be the center of attention. Celebrate this action.Learn to be more involved. If interaction and communicating with groups of people has become a problem. I know a way to get over that obstacle.Give a shout or email .It will take a little time for you to get over it,well worth the time to you.
How Much Did You Pay For Gas Today
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > How Much Did You Pay For Gas Today       06-28-2008 09:59 AM
3.91.............. paid 6 bucks for a cup of white choclate moca at starbucks.
word to live by
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > word to live by       06-22-2008 13:11 PM
do what you can with what you have where you are. teddy roosevelt. Do not wait.the time will never be just right.Start where you stand,and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along. Napolean Hill Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy. Richard Carlson The greatest battles you wage against failure is in the inside,not the outside. John Maxwell Just a few I have written down when I begin to procrastinate. Which seems to wake me back up.
Where are we headed
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Where are we headed       05-25-2008 12:46 PM
since we want to throw out certain instances.Lets throw this out.Do not say it does not happen as this is what we did. Roughly a year ago we decided we needed to change.A group of us,numbering 3 to start. We decided to start a round table discussion of our successes and failures.We started to throw ideas on how to be more successful.Investing our own time. Not being paid for what we were doing. Slowly we grew to 10 of us involved in this round table our of 20.Sales increased.Add on sales increased.We had the majority of the ten only closing 50 percent of their sales.Now all ten are closing at 80 percent and higher.One at 90 percent and one at 95 percent. We invested ourtime,money towards inviting others to speak to us.Willing to learn different stratagies. Lets say for arguement sake there is a lay off. The top ten have been involved in the round table learning,getting beter at what they do.Who gets laid off.Who can go in and demand a raise. Show job performance has increased and will keep on increasing.Thier value to the company Who would want the employees who went above and beyond the normal.As opposed to those who just earned a paycheck .To make their situation and the companies standing to a higher standard. You as an owner or manager who has started anything similar? Who as an employee has even wanted to try something like this? Who as a manager owner would love to have this happen with your employees. Why does it not happen?Why does it not happen more often. Problem.You must be a merit type business.Rewards come to those who will take a risk. Where the job is based on how much time you have served.This is wat the individual has chosen in order to be safe .Once chosen you must deal with it. The good with the bad.Hard to complain about an issue you have chosen to be involved with . Lets throw this out. A person due to health reasons. Out of work for 8 months one year.Surgeries another year kept them out of work for 5 months. Another time off work for 4 months.One more time 6 months.All this during an 8 year period.I myself would not have this person employeed. Do you know this person. It is me.Value to a company.I am not saying I can't be replaced. Or that I am special.I am living proof it is what your willing to invest in yourself.The cost to you in order to hold value.
Where are we headed
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Where are we headed       05-25-2008 12:15 PM
Publix sweety. Elc exactly what I am saying I need a raise or I walk.Why do you need a raise.Why do you deserve a raise. So many come in and ask armed with that information. How many care to keep a log of performance?A log on productivity to back up the worth to the company.How many take it upon themselves to better their enviroment.If you can place your value to a company most cases will be to your advantage. Sure there will be cases where the companies close.These are circumstances beyond your control. Last I read this thread, no one was out of work . Keep the focus on those employed. Those employed, how many have started, on their own a round table of sorts in order to better themselves,others around them or the companies. How many have made themsevles so valueable where raises ,bonus, incentives comes there way. As opposed to those who clock in at 8 leave at 4. Collect a paycheck as it is a right.Add nothing other then time. Any job ,is 90% or above , attitude.Skill the other 10%.To prove this ,write down on a piece of paper what you expect out of your co worker.As if you were doing the hiring. ie. on time,work hard,shows up every day,appearance,professional,training,continuing education etc. Can we throw out the loss of jobs,plant closings yeah we sure can.I am basing it on those employeed and what they can do to make their situation better. As that is how I thought the jist of this thread was worded. I was just in upstate New York .A telephone solitictor making 12 bucks and hour.This in Oneonta. My daughter working part time. Small companies. I am never surprised on how little small companies train their people in sales,service or service after the sale. All you have to do travel to a home center,hardware,clothing store,shoe store, it does not matter. These poeple never seem to want to put any more time into what they do in order to better themselves.To make themselves hold value and to be paid what they are worth. People are not prepared to ask for what they are worth to a company due to not being prepared to show their value.Fear possibly.Not knowing how most likely the reason. The area we are from relied heavily on the steel industry.We have lots of friends when these plants started to close in the 70's say they would not work for less then they were making then. Most of them had no desire to learn a different trade.Most had no desire to go back to school.They have adjusted. Many of these same arguments made here are the same which were made in the recession days of the 70's. We survived that time. We will find a way to survive this time also. We will made the needed adjustments to make it all relative. Which means people will have to invest in themelves .Forced to do this.People are uncanny in their ability to adapt.
She can, but he can't vice versa
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > She can, but he can't vice versa       05-24-2008 15:47 PM
We have great friends who play this way. I do know why .We have been very good friends for almost 15 years now.He has been with my wife.Not a big deal. Communication is the key and will always be the key. Not everything revolves around jealousy.One could say this is jealousy. If I don't get mine then neither of us will. Think of the reason why YOU must play if your spouse plays.Perhaps their reason is also valid as yours is. I have never expected anyone to tell me why they wish to play the way they want to. I do wish for people to tell us what they expect and their rules.It is not up to me to find out their rules.It is up to them to inform us of their rules before hand.They will know ours and our intentions.
Where are we headed
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Where are we headed       05-24-2008 15:37 PM
poly you must be joking. Or you don't work in the real world. Anyone who has accepted the fact that they do not deserve to be paid or have their wages increase in over two years has got to be nuts.Why would you stay in a job that does not reward you for your efforts. That person is the one to blame for their wages not going up. If it is not given , ask for your rasie if you deserve it.Many people are not prepared to go in and ask for a raise. They are unable to show why they deserve the raise. Lost jobs, plant closings. Now you have a point. Not sure if that is the point of this thread. If it is, then you must do what you have to do financially. You must educate yourself to go in another avenue. Floridas wages for one have risen .Since the mid 90's for example. Tradesmen, lead techs were making a mere 8.00 an hour.Now they are up around 25.Cashier at the local grocery store 15 dollars an hour. Professionals will set an agree to their salary plus incentives. In essence they make what time,effort they put into it.
Where are we headed
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Where are we headed       05-23-2008 18:41 PM
Everyone likes to point to profits.None have shown the investment needed to make that profit.I don'tt know what investment was . Most companies live on 10% if they are lucky.Some 20%.Does this mean oil companies can't make a 10% profit or 20%?If the investment to profit ratio is the same as most companies why not complain about all the other companies out there? It is relative. As the costs go up so to will the wages.Maybe not as fast as we wished it to go ,eventually it will. Which means our dollar to dollars ratio to be spent will also increase.
American Idol Season 7
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > American Idol Season 7       05-23-2008 18:27 PM
Loved the final.watched it in upstate new york with a bunch of partying graduates at the SUNY. They were all in favor of who won. Just glad one of three favorites happend to be in the final.Was disappointed when johns my dark horse was set free.Very disappointed when carly was set free. Said in the beginning on talent alone it would be between Cook and Carly. The other David never took risks.Can't remember a single song he sang.They all sounded the same.
Relationship Advice
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Relationship Advice       05-23-2008 18:23 PM
This was a seinfeld episode.It was a funny episode.What to do.When to do it. How to do it. I do not envy the position your in. I know I would probably let it go as if it was not said.Allow the person to repeat themself at another time so it becomes clear to you what the intentions are. No need to push the issue or force a repeating of what was said. Have fun if you enjoy your time with them.Let it grow if that is what you want.
blonde going on a trip
FORUMS > General Discussions > Jokes and Funnies > blonde going on a trip       05-10-2008 18:21 PM
A blonde calls Delta Airlines and asks, "Can you tell me how long it'll >take>to fly from San Francisco to New York City?">>The agent replies, "Just a minute..">>"Thank you," the blonde says, and hangs up.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Jokes and Funnies > divorce       05-10-2008 18:20 PM
Mr. Clark, I have reviewed this case very carefully," the divorce Court>Judge said, "And I've decided to give your wife $775 a week," "That's very>fair, your honor," the husband said. "And every now and then I'll try to>send her a few bucks myself,"
FORUMS > General Discussions > Jokes and Funnies > sex       05-10-2008 18:19 PM
Two guys were discussing popular family trends on sex, marriage, and >values.>Stu said, "I didn't sleep with my wife before we got married, Did you?">>>Leroy replied, "I'm not sure, What was her maiden name
50 bucks is 50 bucks
FORUMS > General Discussions > Jokes and Funnies > 50 bucks is 50 bucks       05-10-2008 18:14 PM
Fifty Dollars is Fifty Dollars>>>>Morris and his wife Esther went to the state fair every year, and every >year>Morris would say, "Esther, I 'd like to ride in that helicopter".>>Esther always replied, "I know Morris, but that helicopter ride is fifty>dollars -- and fifty dollars is fifty dollars".>>One year Esther and Morris went to the fair, and Morris said, "Esther, I'm>85 years old. If I don't ride that helicopter, I might never get another>chance.">>Esther replied, "Morris that helicopter is fifty dollars -- and fifty>dollars is fifty dollars".>>The pilot overheard the couple and said, "Folks I'll make you a deal. I'll>take the both of you for a ride. If you can stay quiet for the entire ride>and not say a word I won't charge you! But if you say one word, it's fifty>dollars.">>Morris and Esther agreed and up they went. The pilot did all kinds of fancy>manoeuvres, but not a word was heard. He did his daredevil tricks over and>over again, but still not a word. When they landed, the pilot turned to>Morris and said, "By golly, I did everything I could to get you to yell >out,>but you didn't. I'm impressed!">>Morris replied, "Well, to tell you the truth, I almost said something when>Esther fell out, but you know -- fifty dollars is fifty dollars.
long married couple
FORUMS > General Discussions > Jokes and Funnies > long married couple       05-10-2008 18:09 PM
Two deer hunters were standing on a ridge near a highway in Montana on the opening day of deer season. They both spotted a large trophy class buck meandering towards them. As the one hunter raised his gun to shoot, a funeral procession came slowly by. The hunter lowered his gun, took off his hat and stood with his head bowed until the procession was past. Of course by then, the deer was gone. The other hunter exclaimed 'Wow! That was the most sportsmanlike act I've ever seen! You allowed this trophy buck to escape while showing such compassion and kindness toward someone's dearly departed. You are a great humanitarian and a shining example to sportsmen throughout the world!' The first hunter nodded and said, 'Well.... we were married for 42 years.'
how to deal with swearing kids
FORUMS > General Discussions > Jokes and Funnies > how to deal with swearing kids       05-10-2008 18:08 PM
A 6 year old and a 4 year old are upstairs in their bedroom. "You know what?" says the 6 year old. "I think it's about time we started cussing." The 4 year old nods his head in approval. The 6 year old continues, "When we go downstairs for breakfast, I'm gonna say something with 'hell' and you say something with 'ass'." The 4 year old agrees with enthusiasm. When their mother walks into the kitchen and asks the 6 year old what he wants for breakfast, he replies, "Aw hell Mom, I guess I'll have some Cheerios." WHACK! He flies out of the chair, tumbles across the kitchen floor, gets up and runs upstairs, crying his eyes out as his mother is in hot pursuit, slapping his rear at every step. Mom locks him in his room and shouts, "You can just stay there until I let you out!" She comes back downstairs, looks at the 4 year old and asks in a stern voice, "And what do YOU want for breakfast young man?" "I don't know," he blubbers, "but you can bet your fat ass it won't be Cheerios."
Movies Movie Movies
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Movies Movie Movies       05-10-2008 18:06 PM
watched we own the night. Disappointed in the ending. very slow building anything meaningful. predictable
Will you be cremated, buried or dissolved
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Will you be cremated, buried or dissolved       05-10-2008 18:04 PM
organs that are still useful to be given to those in need.Cremated ,hopefully a tree will grow tall and strong.
Favorite Comercials thread or least favorite
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Favorite Comercials thread or least favorite       05-10-2008 17:59 PM
I just saw this one Grand pa and grandson out golfing.The grandson had a lie behind a huge tree. As the grandson was thinking of how to play the shot. The grandpa came over and said.When I was your age I would line my shot up and hit it over the tree . Land on the green.The grandson hits his shot .It was beautiful. then Plunk ,it hits the tree, falls behind it again. The grandpa comes over and says to the grandson. Of course when I was your age the tree was much shorter. I have no idea what the commercial was about I was laughing to hard
How to respond when we don't want to go forward
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > How to respond when we don't want to go forward       04-12-2008 12:19 PM
recently we sent a no thanks.We received another email back .This email wasan email to convince us on how wrong our decision to not meet really was.I sent back thanks but no thanks not interested. We received yet another email.Asking how in the world we could not be interested without first ever meeting. How did we know we would not be compatable. My response was, After you receiving our first no , then trying to convince us we were wrong we know we are not wrong. You have no reguards for what we say and think. This proves to us we are not compatable. Bye. Some people will not accept no. Be blunt.Leave no ambiguity.
How do you keep your personal love life separate from the lifestyle
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > How do you keep your personal love life separate from the lifestyle       04-11-2008 20:21 PM
absolutely we are married 26 years well over ten years swinging.Difference between then and now. We normally do not get that excited, we do not meet people as much as we did when we began. The new toy syndrome wears off and preferences take over. For us, we started to meet people who had similar interests. This has translated into more fun when we decide to swing.The people we meet have the potential to become a relationship outside of sex.
American Idol Season 7
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > American Idol Season 7       04-11-2008 20:12 PM
holy crap my dark horse is gone.Can't believe that vote. randy jackson has already said he would give kriisty a contract. He said that on larry king this past week. Though the past week she was one of the top three. Weak week. Carly seems shook up , like a deer caught in the headlights. She has to have a great song choice and preformance.Make up some ground. Jasin did very well one of his best nights. I was surprised cook was not in the bottom 3. Does it seem to others, the singers are trying to be too safe?
large breasts vs perky breasts
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > large breasts vs perky breasts       04-08-2008 22:22 PM
I like breasts with large nipples. perky......not sure if there is such a thing after 40 Have not found a breast I did not like.wonder if that comes from being breast fed
Divorce rate
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Divorce rate       04-08-2008 22:17 PM
we have seen a huge number of couples split up while swinging.I do not believe swinging is what split the marriages up. I do however believe they entered swinging in hopes the freedom would bring them closer together. For quite a few swinging can add to thier relationship.You must have a strong relationship to begin with. With the number one for us being each of you are the others best friend. Which allows you to be on the same page at all times. Love honor respect trust,not having secrets being the basic package being tied together being the best friend to one another.
two singles swinging as a couple
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > two singles swinging as a couple       04-08-2008 22:10 PM
don't see a problem provoing they are two who are single. Would prefer 2 bi females, 1 female ,1 male not interested in 2 males making the couple.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > HOUSE RULES       04-08-2008 22:07 PM
have to ask what are you helping yourself to? All of the house parties we have been to involving swinging have always had food out on the counter or tables to help yourselves. Alcohol and wine at a seperate table with mixers or at the bar. Most are BYOB. Whatever we bring we leave. Their appliances and rooms belong to them. I only need to know the dining room and bathroom and outside. Going to dinner party,vanilla. Wine ,it belongs to the host to serve at their pleasure. I think the majority will open the bottle.If it does not go with dinner, they open before dinner while mixing with others. Wife is a really great cook.We never bring food to a dinner party unless we ask and they accept.Most do not want to compete their dinner with others food. Always exceptions to any idea. You bring a gift,it belongs to the host to open and use when they wish to.
American Idol Season 7
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > American Idol Season 7       04-08-2008 21:54 PM
the country girl was the bets of the evening.thought david johns was right up there.disappointed in cook and carly. She looked awesom. Overall tonight was one of the worst. Wondered when brooke would do carol king. Terrible song choices. Watched larry king the other night all 3 judges think that ballad singer david is the one to beat. Randy said he would sign kristie to a contract ,he would have a difficult time with the others.
The God Damned Paster
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > The God Damned Paster       04-08-2008 21:49 PM
happy duo. they were not illegal event obama did. They may have been risky not illegal. Again I have never agreed with the rev on any of his wacked out topics.I do not agree with the guilt by association. What some have missed, I have never said I am an Obama supporter. I have actually said I am not an obama supporter. I do like his speeches. I do believe his speech was a powerful one with lot of meaning.I do believe it should have been said I do believe it should have been said 50 years ago. I believe action on the speech needs to happen. I do believe what he said is right on whether or not people on here want to accept it. I have said people need to make up their own minds without copying and pasting other peoples ideas. I do give credit ,all of the blogs have the name of the person who thought it out for them. Associating running with the dogs you get fleas. People do deals with bad people.Somebody has to deal with them is what that means,. IE selling a car to a bad guy ,selling a home to a bad guy.Selling clothes to a bad person. This does not mean the person selling is bad. it is not guilt by association. I deal with mean nasty hateful people,people who are out to get you. Get you to do work then refuse to pay or refuse to pay the agreed price.These are just unethical people. There out there. You either keep doing business with them or you don 't.The smart ones won't We do know people who are like this. With us they have shown a different side. One of which is they would give us the shirt off thier back if we needed it. I won't throw them under the bus if another friend would say to us,we won't be your friends if your a friend to this unethical bastard. This is what a ton of you are saying about Obama and his rev friend.We all have friends who have acted unethical or who may be racists. You don't ban them from your home. You don't reject them.You accepted your friends as they are.Yet you expect another to live thier life differently then you do. You will find specially in politics what can be said about 1 candidate can be said about all of them.Difference most will justify for one they like.Villify the one they don't want.
The God Damned Paster
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > The God Damned Paster       04-06-2008 10:34 AM
lucky scroll down. I have already said this speech should have been given way earlier then at this time. By other politicians. The logic he should have given this speech 3 years ago holds no water.
The God Damned Paster
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > The God Damned Paster       04-06-2008 10:32 AM
ah now name calling.good I see that is what we get if we disagree. So if I do business with someone in the mafia I am a bad person?Someone has to do business with him or her why not me.Is there money good for someone else?I am sure sears,lowes,sax,does not care where the money comes from as long as they get paid. Sounds as if you are jealous another has been able to take a loop hole ,make something of it. Use a friendship which alllows for a profit or a benefit.Something none of us has ever done in our lifetime.Accepting help from another in order to gain something we could not gain on our own. It is unbelievable people will find fault with others.No one is perfect here. We have all stepped on others to get where you are. It just happens.This does not make us bad people.It makes us human. Whether it is something you have said or done you have stepped on others. Right here in this blog,stepping on has happened.The soundbites to belittle. Without taking the proper content and context you have trampled the truth in order to make the perception of what you want it to be. What is worse. A church where a pastor is brought in. He does not like the assistant pastor or the youth minister,nor the music director.He invents messages in order to shed light on how horrible these people are. Takes a vacation in order for the edlers to fire the assitant pastor,youth minister,music director. This happened in a christian church we used to attend while living in the north. Guess what all white. Do you care.Absolutely not you do not care.Ah but we do care about this pastor of Obamas. If religon was that important to you I am sure swinging would not be on your agenda. If so you have already screwed up on 2 of the commandments. I really do not wish to get caught up in religion or change this into your religious or your not religious. What did he caught doing?Was it illegal? Going to church? No he was caught going to a church where people said things that would have been better off not being said.Thats horrible.This guy deserves to be whipped and stoned. Ah so people believe that Jesus is black?Others believe Jesus is white. Still others think Jesus a prophet. What about the belief Jesus was made in the image of us.Would this not translate into Jesus being many different colors?How dare one think they are of his likeness.
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