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Babysitter can't make it
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Babysitter can't make it       01-21-2017 22:37 PM
But AdventurousADKcouple we would really try to find a better sitter for a chance at a date with you guys. Just say'n....
Babysitter can't make it
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Babysitter can't make it       01-21-2017 22:34 PM
Especially happens at the last minute when the baby sitter suddenly says, I have to be home by 11 pm. And you are leaving at 5 to meet for dinner and hopefully fun at 7 or 7:30 (when you live way out in the country 2 hours or more can be only 50 miles). So how you have a hour to a hour 1/2 for the dinner date and "fun". Would you blame them for canceling ? Especially when the sitter said they could stay till 2am at first. Yes it can happen but after 2 or so times they either need to switch sitters or find another hobby lol.
Keeping Your man turned on
FORUMS > General Discussions > Women Talk > Keeping Your man turned on       11-22-2016 23:47 PM
Show up naked....LMAO...... but really isn't Love doing what makes the other person happy at least on some level? He loves corsets and merry widows and Suspender belts and hose.... I have quite the collection.
My man feels neglected.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > My man feels neglected.       11-17-2016 23:35 PM
I have the same problem... I look much older than my girl friend (now wife) and I find I just have to be out going and fun. It also helps if you can come in with two women... does wonders for interest in the male LOL
Lending her to other dom guys!!
FORUMS > General Discussions > BDSM > Lending her to other dom guys!!       11-17-2016 20:53 PM
capecoralman45 , I think if this had happened to my wife (ie: no safe word, no rubbers and basically no rules), she would be contacting the police and going to the ER for a rape kit.... What ever happened to safe, sane and consensual sex? It may sound fun to read but I don't think my wife would have put up with it. I think she would have walked out and called me or if he got physical he might be singing a lot higher. To each his own if this is what you like then it is fine....
Are there any other Prepper Swingers?
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Are there any other Prepper Swingers?       11-12-2016 22:42 PM
AndrewRobin, your list of stuff (except for twice as much ammo as we have) is what we call living in the country, around here. We also have muzzleloaders and can cast our own balls (That sounds really strange on this forum) and have made power for them! And I have a complete blacksmith shop and wood working shop. Welders and torch sets. Wish I had a metal lathe. We also have a bunch of Amish neighbors who are friends with the English (what they call us) family. Natural Gas wells and water wells. Back hoe and tractor too. But we don't consider ourselves preppers just trying to be prepared for some rough patches.
Who Viewed Me Feature PREVIEW
FORUMS > Suggestions > Website > Who Viewed Me Feature PREVIEW       05-27-2016 19:48 PM
Like it so far... can definitely help for showing some mutual interest. And if it can be turned on and off those that are too chicken to express interest can still hide. lol We say go for it and make it permanent! Thanks, Pam and Gary
6'4 guy with a dwarf woman Advice
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > 6'4 guy with a dwarf woman Advice       01-23-2016 20:56 PM
My wife who is officially a "Little Person" no matter what the profile says.... She always says her drivers license says she is 5 feet! Would tell you she isn't "HAPPY" about this thread.... I hope she never reads this or I will have to go see DOC. Ok I just had to do this... LOL
Body Painting
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Body Painting       11-15-2013 17:41 PM
We get ours (ink/paint/make-up)off of Showoffs Body Art. Their ProAiir Hybrid works very well. It can stand up to quite abit but still comes off with baby wipes/make-up remover or even soap and then water. It works fantastic with air brushes. but will also work with brushes and sponges.; We just finished a Halloween gig where we did faces, tattoo's and special FX. Did it for three weekends. Loved doing the faces and stuff but making people have zombie skin, vampire bites, cuts and road rash and slashed throats was awesome. Did one young lady up like she had cuts and road rash and she said that when she went into walmart they offered to call the ambulance for her!;
Body Painting
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Body Painting       07-19-2013 21:32 PM
We have a temporary tattoo business and do air brush tattoos and face painting. Would love to practice on some nice ladies and get into body painting especially for the biker events. Have air brush and will travel LOL
Looking in OH- are there signs
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Looking in OH- are there signs       06-25-2013 22:13 PM
I have to admit when I saw the title all I could think was WOW in Ohio they have Signs to direct you to the swingers? How cool that would be.
new dom in ne ohio wants to learn
FORUMS > General Discussions > BDSM > new dom in ne ohio wants to learn       04-26-2013 19:00 PM
Don't know if you can learn to be a "Dom". Have you read some of the books like "The Loving Dominant", "Screw the Roses Send me the Thorns" and similar. Also don't listen if anyone tells you that you don't need a safe word... in fact run away from them, FAST they are posers. If you like to take charge of sex and "direct" how things go, that is a good start. Does your sub like to be spanked? Have her nipples pinched? The Sub has to really want to be a sub. Hope this helps and gives you a direction and some things to think about. If you want to send a PM and ask questions, we would happy to write you back and see if we can help.
Now what
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > Now what       04-20-2013 12:32 PM
Do or Do Not, there is no Try... Yoda
Any idea on how to explain all these nights out
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Any idea on how to explain all these nights out       04-19-2013 09:15 AM
Our standard answers are "Date night" or "Meeting some friends". We have also told them that we are going to a wild party and we were going to "Get down". To which my youngest daughter said "Don't do that Dad, you won't be able to get back up". I really don't think that they would believe we are going to any sort of wild party especially a SLS type party. I am sure they think we go and sit around and BS with other "Old" people. lol
new couple to sls,,
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > new couple to sls,,       04-19-2013 08:20 AM
71n70, I took a look at your profile and to be honest I really can't read some if it for all the "text speak" , The spelling and mixing of caps and abbreviations drive me nuts. On the other hand "Geekatheart" profile is much better, shows their personality, and sensuality and is much easier to read. Sometimes little and simple things can make a HUGE difference. Take some time and work on your profile and maybe you will have better luck!
Now what
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > Now what       04-19-2013 08:09 AM
Personally we think that some of the people here are being a little rough on you. That being said yes you need to flesh out your profile. Do you have any hobbies? Do you ride motorcycles or play dungeons and dragons? Like to attend concerts? What about flea markets and antiques? Mountain biking? Boating? Let some of your personality show. That being said, then when you write to a couple you may want to say "Hey we see you like to Play with people that like to go camping and our favorite thing is to go out in our camper". Our favorite place is Mount Hill and Dale, what is yours? Common ground and interests can go a long way to making a meeting happen. We also suggest that you try going to a house party, meet and greet and the like. Something small so you can talk to others and maybe find another couple you connect to. Hope this helps and good Luck... may you find what you are looking for.
Does Single 21 year old males have any luck on SLS
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Does Single 21 year old males have any luck on SLS       03-05-2013 20:52 PM
One thing you can really do to help at least with some couples .... Check your spelling and your grammar. At least you didn't use text speak. Also take the time to read each profile you write to and write a personalized letter. A mass mailing reads like what it is... a form letter... would you want a form letter to ask you out on a date? Hope this helps...
House Party
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > House Party       02-13-2013 17:54 PM
We were going to send a PM to you with some tips, and to invite you to our Spring Fling. But you block couples. Good Luck.
The Bullshit
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > The Bullshit       01-18-2013 12:26 PM
Yes it is hard to crack into the lifestyle as a single male. You have to be willing to spend some time, and yes some money. Try to find some house parties that are single male friendly, or go out and have dinner with a couple and meet them. And please loose a little of the frustration because yes you do have have to have a female to Swap.... because you have to have four people for a swap. What you want is a little harder to find. Think of it this way you want to meet not only a couple that is open enough sexually to swing, but one that wants to mainly satisfy the female. Because really what are you doing for the male? Letting him watch? So don't try to rush things, treat them like a date after all you have to entice two people to take you to bed not just one. Make sure you SHOW UP, you would not believe the number of times single males and females flake out and don't show up. Also we had one single male want to come to some of our events and was getting pissed when nothing happened. I ask him what his technique was and he said he was aggressive... I told him to try Charming... it worked for him. Good Luck and Hope this helps.
what flavor are swingers
FORUMS > Successful Swinging > Finding Playmates > what flavor are swingers       11-02-2012 19:08 PM
Skittles..... Come taste the Rainbow ...;o)
Orgasm during play
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Orgasm during play       08-07-2012 20:18 PM
If you like and trust your doctor you might want to go to him and talk to him about it. There may be a physical reason and it could be fixed. That being said most of the time, it is mental and if you relax and don't sweat it, it will work it's self out. Or you could be a diabetic (like me) with high blood pressure and some kidney problems... I never know what may happen, I might not be able to function without the "Little blue pill" or I may loose it for no reason or I can be like you and not be able to finish at all. When it happens for me (Not being able to finish) I just want to say "Line them up and let me go at them" LOL.
FMF and more somes
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > FMF and more somes       08-07-2012 19:21 PM
While my wife would like to see this happen too, but finding one unicorn is hard enough. I am sure if you are patient and are a little lucky sooner or later it could happen. So just to let you know this is not uncommon or unknown, just not easy to have happen. Good Luck and if it happens for you let us know!!
Our fantasy is to meet someone who is actually real and will meet!
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Our fantasy is to meet someone who is actually real and will meet!       05-07-2012 11:05 AM
When you only open yourselves up to a group of people (Unicorns) who are only maybe one out a hundred of the whole group (Swingers) . Then figure out how many are close enough to play with you and who aren't Wackadoodles. Then they have to be attracted to you. So you must have like 1 person to go out with and you have to find them. You might want to rethink things or be prepared for a long wait. Good Luck.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > YOU JUST WOKE UP NAKED NEXT TO ME       01-28-2012 08:54 AM
Do you cum here often? You are about to!
House Parties
FORUMS > General Discussions > Getting Started > House Parties       10-26-2011 16:16 PM
We would suggest looking at the hot dates section. You can often find some there if you look hard enough. You may also want to join some local groups and see if they offer any of them. Also the more friends you have the more parties you will be invited to, so be friendly! We are going to one in Pittsburgh this Saturday, we would be happy to have you as our guests... we know it is a little far, grin. G and P
When do you suck the guys cock
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > When do you suck the guys cock       06-07-2011 01:32 AM
Goodenuff That is a excellent reply...I almost spit my water on the screen. LMAO!
Men treating women like objects
FORUMS > General Discussions > Women Talk > Men treating women like objects       04-11-2011 15:09 PM
I don't know which of the couple sent this, but it sounds like you have serious issues that you should discuss with your partner. Maybe it is the woman who is dragging the male into a bedroom and forcing him to have sex with many females. To be honest this is sometimes how I feel my lady loves to watch me. So I am a lucky man Grin Neither forces the other, we both like this lifestyle and when we decide to get out we usually have a lot of fun and we talk about it before we do anything, no surprises or force. Pandanbear
Top Ten Stupidest Profiles on a Swinger Site (a la David Letterman)
FORUMS > Successful Swinging > Better Profiles > Top Ten Stupidest Profiles on a Swinger Site (a la David Letterman)       03-17-2011 00:54 AM
I don't care who you are thats Funny!! and so sad cause I am sure it is all true.
From the Mouths of Babes
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > From the Mouths of Babes       02-27-2011 19:25 PM
My youngest daughter was playing with a kitten and to be honest was teasing it with some food and finally the kitten jumps up and claws her hand! She pulled her hand back and with all of her first grade scorn and anger says "You Little Cock Sucker" I found you can't scold your daughter when you can't breath cause you are laughing so hard! She is now 14 and we still tell the story. I am just waiting till her first date.
What would you think about this situation
FORUMS > General Discussions > B.B.W. > What would you think about this situation       02-27-2011 13:01 PM
Well here is a husbands view point, 1. I don't think he was trying to make a compliment especially after what he said a few moments later. 2. My wife before she met me literally lost Half her weight, she still has some loose skin and weight she is sensitive about. I think she is cute as can be and I am proud of what she has done. To say the least she would have been hurt to have heard anything like this, to be honest she would have been devastated. 3. When I heard what was said I would have been a gentleman and would have tried to help him exit the room. Door opening optional. And then Politely ask him to never return. There is someone for everyone as you and your husband have found out. Normally I would also say there is someone in the lifestyle for everyone. This guy maybe the exception. But you on the other hand I am sure will find some wonderful playmates if you stick to it. Just don't settle for second best and this guy wasn't even second best. Good luck in your search for fun, may you find what you are looking for and never look back! Pandanbear.
Favorite sex lube
FORUMS > General Discussions > BDSM > Favorite sex lube       06-11-2010 16:45 PM
Ok now enquiring minds want to know how do you make this wonderful J-Lube? It sounds like fun. Thanks.
Wii - Tiger Woods 10
FORUMS > General Discussions > Games > Wii - Tiger Woods 10       03-04-2010 11:19 AM
How often do you stop every round to have sex? Is there a penalty for having strange women stroke your shaft? Is there a different par for every Hole? Are you Penial ized for giving her extra strokes? Sorry I am a smart ass and can't resist. Gary
Opinions of a man
FORUMS > General Discussions > Swinger Advice > Opinions of a man       02-25-2010 06:58 AM
We think that your getting "back on that horse" and seeing for yourself what the lifestyle is all about says a lot about you. Mainly that you are a very strong, very wonderful and yes very attractive women. And in my (the male) line of work (paramedic) I applaude you for getting out of a abusive relationship. So many don't and we end up having them as patients. Your are a strong person! If you ever come to PA, we would be happy to buy you dinner and would be honored to meet you. Hugs Gary and Pam
How long did you date your SO before having sex with them
FORUMS > General Discussions > Games > How long did you date your SO before having sex with them       02-25-2009 21:49 PM
We had talked on line for a couple of months, went out for Chinese food and came back to my place... 1/2 hour later we were in bed. So total time from meeting till sex ... about 2 hours. Best choice I have ever made, I look back on the years since and think how much better they have been with her.
who likes to hunt
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > who likes to hunt       01-23-2009 19:38 PM
I love to hunt, it is a family bonding thing here in Western PA. Last year my 14 y/o daughter got her first deer a 8 point buck. Dad was more proud than if I had shot it myself. During our first year together Pam and I went muzzleloader hunting as a date. With good success. This year ended in disappointment due to moving and a aggravation of a old injury. Next year should be better I hope. Now we are waiting for fishing and camping and motorcycle season LOL
SLS Camping Weekend
FORUMS > Events > Pennsylvania > SLS Camping Weekend       04-10-2008 10:01 AM
Going to Bump this up again.... Ladies and Gentleman, chance for wonderful camping weekend, Beautiful primitive campground (some going in tents), trout stream, elk viewing, trying for a pig roast if we get enough people to attend, maybe a few tours with the motorcycles, relaxing with other SLS members and meeting and having fun with new people. We are about 4 weeks away from May 16 - May 18, Registration/Permits takes a few days so sign up early and we can take over the campground and have a wonderful weekend! Look for This in The Group Events, sponsoring group is Swingers in the Sticks (of North Western PA). Thanks, Gary and Pam
SLS Camping Weekend
FORUMS > Events > Pennsylvania > SLS Camping Weekend       03-28-2008 10:49 AM
Just wanted to bump this up, Come on people, a beautiful campsite, trout stream, pig roast, Elk viewing and a Chance to play, what more could you ask for in a weekend of Camping.
SLS Camping Weekend
FORUMS > Events > Pennsylvania > SLS Camping Weekend       03-25-2008 23:15 PM
We are going to have a camping weekend May 16th-18, in the Elk viewing region of PA. We (PandaNBear) are going to host and it is listed under the group "Swingers in the Sticks of North West PA". For more information, you can get details there or contact us. We hope to offer a weekend of camping with supper on Friday and Saturday offer a meat dish for a pot luck (for a small donation). Saturday morning we are going to offer a Elk viewing tour either on the motorcycles and/or other vehicles (depends on the weather for me!). Space is limited to about 20 sites and we would encourage more than one person per site. Sign up early and we can take over the whole campground and have more "Fun". Hope to see you camping, Pam and Gary (PandaNBear)
FORUMS > Events > Pennsylvania > ANYONE DOING ANY CAMPING THIS SUMMER       03-25-2008 19:38 PM
We are going to host a SLS Camping weekend, May 16-18th, in the Elk viewing region of Pennsylvania. You can find out about it in the Group Events, Swingers in the Sticks (of Northwest PA). We would love to get about 20 campers and make it a fun filled weekend with cook outs and a Elk viewing tour and lots of sitting around the campfire and having fun! Other than that we have a new Hybrid camper that we hope to break in during the weekend, so we are looking forward to lots of camping this year. PandaNBear
New Profile View
FORUMS > Suggestions > Website > New Profile View       03-29-2007 16:08 PM
We like it too more modern kind of Micro***t XP type of look. HMMM can't believe I said something good about Micro***t!
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