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White men with black ladies
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > White men with black ladies       01-30-2017 19:12 PM
Apparently less interest than I would have thought. I have dated a black woman. Truthfully, nothing different except the skin tone, but that was enough to add a bit of variety.
guy nice enough, but can't perform
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > guy nice enough, but can't perform       05-26-2014 15:53 PM
I have played with a few couples and only had issues once. The husband started at me like a serial killer the whole time and it was really off putting. It wasn't just that he never looked at his naked wife once and just me, it was the unblinking, silent, burning a hole in my forehead stare that did it. I doubt Viagra makes a pill for that.
House Party
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > House Party       02-14-2013 09:56 AM
Godlnspice: I am in Buffalo and have been to a lot of parties. Email me if you need any advice and/or help.
Questions for single males
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Questions for single males       06-27-2011 21:02 PM
For me, I had a very long term relationship end and sort of fell into swinging as a single (after some experience as a couple) as a way to still maintain a sex life without a relationship. I found that I liked the excitement provided by helping others fulfill their fantasies. At the end of the day, I will certainly take quality over quantity and happily be a repeat player with the right couple, but I'll also join in at parties or couples looking for one and done.
Double Vaginal Penetration
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Double Vaginal Penetration       05-13-2011 18:58 PM
This is one of the last thing left on my "sexual bucket list" Hint. Hint. People in the Buffalo/Niagara area..
Why do the single guys have erection issues
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Why do the single guys have erection issues       02-07-2011 00:26 AM
My experience in the lifestyle leads me to believe that couples that work as team do best, followed by those where the woman calls the swinging shots. Couples where the guy controls the situation seem to implode quickly and cause trouble all around. Don't get me wrong, I have met some couples where the female is sexually submissive, but she still has a lot of control whether he notices or not.
How to get the wife involved, I swing, want to see her with another guy
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > How to get the wife involved, I swing, want to see her with another guy       01-29-2009 23:35 PM
"maybe this lifestyle is not for you or your having some Bad Karma ? Maybe you should look into the Open Forum for the Instant Karma thread :) " Not really. I had one bad event out of a lot. The lifestyle has been very good to me. I still maintain that people who lie about their relationship status on SLS should be avoided. Too much potential for things to go horribly wrong. You are welcome to disagree as it has no real effect on me what trouble you may get yourself into, not that I wish any on you. In addition to the incident I was involved in, I have heard other similar stories in the chat rooms and from couples I have met. Enough people seem wary enough of married men posing as singles that I would have to guess there have been enough other problems to warrant it. On a related note, I personally take a din view on people who cheat, but I understand relationships can be complicated and all. I also take a dim view on anyone who knowingly gets themselves on the other side of these "discreet" relationships. At the end of the day, the other person is who you are potentially hurting and they, in all likelihood, have done nothing to you.
How to get the wife involved, I swing, want to see her with another guy
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > How to get the wife involved, I swing, want to see her with another guy       01-29-2009 18:23 PM
Single guy perspective = since his profile says he is single and he isn't and appears to have been caught in a lie, the group has a right to come down on him a bit. When swinging, you are putting others at risk. Be it disease risk or having the spouse you are cheating on reek havoc on the couples who had no idea you were involved. I fell into that later category. Was one of a few guys hooking up with a woman I met at a swing party. She assured all of us that her husband was in the scene. He wasn't and I was named in a divorce. It sucked hard. He also made some threats involving his gun collection and generally made life difficult for me for some time. So, the SLS crowd has every right to come down on liars. They wreck the scene. We don't need honesty on your whole life, but you can't lie about 1) diseases that are contageous 2) spouses that may kill me 3) cameras that you hide in your house
women that like DP and ANAL
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > women that like DP and ANAL       01-14-2007 23:20 PM
It means Double Penetration. It usually refers to one cock in the vagina and a second in the ass. It can also refer to two in a single orifice, but something like that is usually abreviated as DPP for Double Pussy Penetration. Hope that helps
women that like DP and ANAL
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > women that like DP and ANAL       01-04-2007 20:14 PM
Why oh why aren't the DP loving women here in Buffalo? I am dying to try this. Used to simulate it with the ex and found it fantastic.
Gangbang in Buffalo area
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Gangbang in Buffalo area       10-20-2006 18:03 PM
I haven't seen a group in WNY that actually has attractive men that show up, but I am more than willing to partake if you want to try to get something going.
We all have fantasies, share them
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > We all have fantasies, share them       03-12-2006 07:50 AM
I just find it to be a bit odd that two of the couples on here that are mentioning an interest in GBs have their profiles turned off to single guys. Are single guys on this site that annoying? Have the actions of a few ( or a lot) of singles here ruined it for all? I am in the process of setting up my profile and adding a few pics - should I not bother?
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