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TOPIC: N'awlins in Las Vegas
Created by: tessnbob
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N'awlins in November... In Las Vegas! Join us November 9th - 13th 2005

We'll put the "Sin" in Sin City That's right, the winds have blown N'awlins all the way to Las Vegas for this year's event. We will have the same seminars, cocktail parties, music, receptions, contests, hospitality floor, theme dances and sexy attendees you've come to expect at N'awlins in November. We will have all of your favorite activities with a little Las Vegas "Glitz & Glamor."

Vegas was the clear choice for this party, we hope you will join us for a "Bob & Tess Style" event in our 2nd favorite city.

Every couple gets a Suite in Vegas! We are going to an all suites hotel that we recently used for Lifestyle Lounge's Incredible Vegas Event. Every couple will get a 2-room suite with a fireplace, living room and a wet bar that is great for entertaining. Those that had signed up for suites in New Orleans will be upgraded to some of the biggest suites we have ever booked. You will love the rooms, they were built for parties.

Bonus! As a bonus, everyone that heads to Vegas with us will get $100 credit towards next year's event back in New Orleans! A free upgrade to a suite in Las Vegas and $100 off N'awlins in November next year- what a deal!

Parties We are working with some great venues (like Studio 54) so that you can experience all that Las Vegas offers. We always take you out to the best Bourbon St clubs in New Orleans, we will take you to the hottest clubs on the strip in Las Vegas.

Cancellations So far, we have only had 14 cancellations. Almost everyone that has signed up, still wants to get together, see their friends and see this event take place. By moving the location to Las Vegas, we are certain that many west coast couples will sign up now that the event is closer to them.

We appreciate everyone's patience the last couple of weeks while we looked for a temporary home for our event. We have finally put all of the pieces together and can announce our new destination: Las Vegas.

Your hosts,

Bob & Tess (aka: TessnBob)

New Orleans LA
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TOPIC: N'awlins in Las Vegas