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TOPIC: Jamaiaca Hedonism trip
Created by: Viva691976
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I went to Jamaica to do things I never done before. I wanted to see and feel the clear turquois water and feel the warm water swirling around my naked body, I wanted to go horseback riding and swim with the horses which was amazing. I wanted to fuck jamacian men which I did. I had a jamaican man every night of the week. They are so beautiful they made me feel like a goddess they genuinily enjoyed my company. I could see it in there eyes. And there eyes so beautiful. Half the men I fucked had really large cocks and smooth soft skin, strong and lean. I fucked my scubba intructor in the boat he was hung. I suck a young gorgeous mans dick on the sail boat(hobbycat) with no expectations I just got off getting him off. I bent over in the restroom stall and let a jamacian have his way with me. I fucked the security gaurd and the house keeper. My fantasies have been fulfilled. I still have to scuba dive. I think I want to go back. It was BBC heaven. Viva

Altadena CA
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TOPIC: Jamaiaca Hedonism trip