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TOPIC: Caliente_-_Land_o_Lakes,_Florida==_Horrible,_Embarrassing_Experience
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We like going to Caliente as it's a first class nude resort and unlike most nude resorts it's OK to be in the lifestyle and talk about anything you wish. We did feel the vacation package would work for us and did purchase it. It's the only way we'd ever go as the normal dues are just too much when you live across the country.

Some of the things you mention are just the way it is. Every nude resort we are familiar with is pretty quiet during the week. Most of the members live near by and only have weekends off. You are right about the casitas most of them are privately owned and unfortunately most of the owners have not put any money into upgrades. We always stay in one bedroom condos which are much better. I'm surprised you didn't have a good time on Ladies night. Usually there is a good crowd, drinks are happy hour prices and women drink for free!

What I don't understand is how they could evict you when you had paid for the room for two more nights? That would be illegal. They can tell you to leave for violation of one of the rules like having sex or smoking weed in public, but not just because you didn't buy their vacation package! What explanation did they use for why you were being evicted?

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TOPIC: Caliente - Land o Lakes, Florida== Horrible, Embarrassing Experience