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TOPIC: Bahamas anyone
Created by: kittyluma
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Hello sailing swingers,

This may be a bit out there, but here is the deal.

We just rented a very nice 39 ft sailboat in Abaco, Bahamas for a 4-day sail April 5th through 9th. The boat is configured with 3 staterooms, and given that it's only two of us, we thought we could invite a couple or two of sexy swingers to share the adventure. :)

We are working on our bareboating certification, so there is going to be a captain/instructor for sailing during the day, but he will leave every evening after we anchor out for the night, and we will have the boat to ourselves to enjoy. Just think... skinny-dipping in the warm Sea of Abaco under the stars... then we get back on the boat, and the *real* fun begins. LOL

So, is there anyone who would like to share the adventure with us? The boat is $2,450 for the 4 nights, so it would be $1,225 per couple (or $816 if 2 couples come). Of course, you will also have to get yourself over to Marsh Harbour in Abaco, but it's fairly easy to do.

If you are interested, drop us a note ASAP.

Helena & Yuri

Apopka FL
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TOPIC: Bahamas anyone