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FORUMSTravel, Clubs and ResortsResortsDESIRE, HEDO, or CRUISE - HELP!
Created by: YngBlkAtlCpl
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Hi There!

Just a quick response... you might want to check out dennyp dot com, he's got message boards on both resorts, and a visitor's schedule so you can sign up when you're going and meet people ahead of time.

Not sure if it matters to you, but Desire is couples only. It's a beautiful resort, great food, lots of fun! Desire also just opened a second resort on the West Coast. If you have an interest in ancient history, a day trip to the Mayan ruins might be the highlight of your trip there. The beach is white and sandy, and they'll take you snorkeling at a reef near by.

Hedo 3 is also a lot of fun!!! Not couples only. The beach is very small, and not so fantastic. However, they have a very nice nude pool, and a fantastic clothing optional pool, called the *quad.* Will also take you snorkeling.

You'd have fun at either place, and I bet you'd meet great people with open minds. :)

Hedo 2, the original, is our fav hang-out... we think it's got more of a lush tropical feel to it, and a bigger party vibe. But it's just a matter of personal taste, and the luck of the draw for when you happen to be there.

Good luck and have fun, no matter what you decide to do!!


Easton PA
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Hi guys. We’re trying to decide on a vacation spot for the summer of 07 and we’re torn between Desire, Hedo III or taking another cruise. We’ve taken quite a few cruise and we enjoy them a lot. But it seems impossible to find “like minded” couples to party with while on board. We’ve never been to a clothing optional resort like Hedo or Desire, but from the pictures on their websites, they seem like a lot of fun. We would like to get your thoughts. We’re looking for a spot with a diverse crowd who knows how to have fun. We’re also looking to do a little snorkeling, on or off the premises. We’re looking to travel sometime in July for about 5 to 7 days. Also, where are you guys going, and when?

Powder Springs GA
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