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TOPIC: The 13th Floor St Patrick's Day Weekend
Created by: The13thFloor
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'HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY" From “The 13th Floor”

The first toast of the weekend will be, “Here’s to a wet night, and a dry morning!” Then again, wet mornings are great too! Join us this weekend March 17th & 18th for our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Cum see how lucky you can get! Wear your “Four Leaf Clover” over your “Blarney Stone” and see how many kisses for luck you receive! We’re sure there will be more than just “Blarney Stone’s” under those Four Leaf Clover’s”, bet there will be some “Pot’s of Gold” hidden there too! Don’t miss the chance to find out. Come have some “Green Brewskies” compliments of Bruce & Vicki and share your favorite toast with all.

Friday & Saturday March 24th & 25th will be regular no theme parties, but as we have all cum to know, we don’t need a theme to have a hot, sexy weekend at “The 13th Floor”.

Friday March 31st will be a sexy as you dare party!

There are many conflicting stories as to the history of April Fools, so we have decided to adopt the one we like the best. Many say that for centuries the New Year began on April 1st. Then in the 16th Century it was changed to January 1st. Many people did not hear about the changes and were called “Fool’s” for continuing to celebrate it on April 1st. Well…call us fools if you want, but what the heck, LET’S HAVE ANOTHER NEW YEARS PARTY!!! We will call it “April Fool’s New Year Strip Off”! That’s right…we will be having a “Strip Off” contest for both the Ladies and the Gents! Our mesmerized guest will be the judges, so cum strut your stuff. There will be prizes for the top 3 winners! You would have to be a “Fool” to miss this event! Sexy hot ladies and hunky buff Gents! What a grand New Year Night it will be!

Also mark your calendars for Saturday April 15th. It will be our “Tax Relief” party! Let us help take your minds off of this most dreaded of day’s with a $20 off donation night. Get those taxes in the mail, slip on you party clothes, set your mind for a fun filled evening and head to “The 13th Floor”!

As we mentioned last week, we have our new shirts in! We have our regular "The 13th Floor" logo, and our new 13 cue ball with "Wanna Play" under the picture. Something you can wear anywhere and the only people that will know what is means are those who have seen it in our place, or on lifestyle forums. Cum join the parties and get your shirts while they last!

Remember, all parties are B.Y.O.B., and you must have a reservation. All reservations after 3 p.m. on Friday and ALL DAY SATURDAY MUST be by phone, as it tends to get hectic with final weekend details here and we don’t want to miss your reservation. See you this weekend!

“The 13th Floor


Bruce & Vicki

Dallas TX
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TOPIC: The 13th Floor St Patrick's Day Weekend