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TOPIC: Never_been_to_a_club_or_a_house_party
Created by: discoandvyper The original post for this thread was deleted.
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As the host of Large House Parties, most new couples share with us the same concerns you have posted here. That is not an uncommon concern. If the House party you choose to attend is hosted by guinine "Lifestyle" host, you will have NO problems. I'm not saying that you might not run into someone that doesn't accept the word "NO", but if your host is sincere, all you have to do is tell them of the problem immediately. A good host does not want that to happen as it takes away from everyones fun. Never be afraid to let your host know if another guest has been out of line. Relax, and enjoy yourselves. House parties are a great place to start.

Vicki & Bruce

Dallas TX
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D & V - With Clubs or House Parties, ask if Single Men are in the mix, that will solve that one easy enough and alot of times they may not be. When they are, usually they are also given the "rules", but if you really want to avoid that whole scenerio, just don't go when single men are there.

For all the clubs we've been too, everyone that mentioned the tour for new members is correct, each one had a tour. They all want to be sure you see the layout and have questions answered. With one in particular, TPA, they really made new members feel extra welcome during the nightly contest by asking only the new members to judge the contest. It was a nice way to be included in and was optional. I suppose in a way it works for them too, in that it's an unbiased judging, so they win all the way around with that one!

With House parties, we've only attended homes of people we already knew. This takes some nervousness out of the air, but as another post mentions, communication is always key, so ask the hosts questions before hand whatever questions you have.

I hope you have fun in the lifestyle!

Philadelphia PA
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We have been to a few clubs and they were great...if being a 1st timer, the host/hostess gives you the opportunity to explore the club with their guidance with no pressures. We usually read the guest list if published for any partciular club party to see if we know anyone & that helps if you can hook up with one or two couples or single friends....as always they should be trusted clubs that have been in business for awhile...don't want to have a CKS event (real bummer)....

As for house parties, we host them every few months,we have a few return guests who love our parties & we always try to invite a handful of new couples to explore their interest. We find communication is a must, we let everyone know that from 8-10 pm it will be social/mingle eat, drink & be merry, at 10 pm the doors lock & the serious players remain. That at least gives everyone an opportunity to see if they really want to hang out & play with others or can make other plans if they don't (without any pressure), We like house parties as they are more intimate, no cig smoke in the house & not as noisy as clubs (depending on how loud the moans n groans are LOL),

Have fun! Colleen

Midlothian VA
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Can certainly understand your worry and concerns. We were there once too. Clubs are a great way to start off with: one can move around and can get the feeling about what is going on. Remember a club will feel the same as going to a "regular" club with the only difference that people will be more open about themselves, you will see nudity, and perhaps people will be playing. I was very scared the first time we went to a club (Club Kama Sutra). We sat at the end of the bar and looked around and it felt very much like anywhere else. The advice you were given previously was good: stay together, drink very little alcohol (or even better, stay away from it) so you can get a feel for the place. The club you will be going to will either feel "right" for both of you or not. Be sure to communicate your feelings and thoughts at all times to each other. Personally, I feel it is better to start with a club then going to a private party. I wish you luck. You will know during your first visit whether this lifestyle will be right for you!

Casa Grande AZ
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Clubs have club atmospheres. Try some out and get your feet wet. They are fun and you have little to worry about. As far as house parties, I attend some smaller ones that I know the people giving them, but I have never attended a paid event. Like you, I have thoughts of free for alls and I guess I have not yet wanted to explore one of those. I may be finding out on my birthday though.


Fort Worth TX
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TOPIC: Never been to a club or a house party
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