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TOPIC: Meet Greet Oct 1st in Woodbridge, NJ
Created by: NNJ_Couple
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Seems They Can't Get Enough,How Can We Refuse We Love To See Everyone Enjoying Themselves So Back By popular Demands J&J are Having Another Meet & Greet Just For YOU!!!!! Meet & Greet Friday Oct 1st at 9pm. Place: Hilton Woodbridge 120 Wood Avenue South Iselin, New Jersey Phone: 1-732-494-6200 There will be a cover charge of $5 Dollars. To Enter The Lounge Dance Floor. Once Again. ALL ARE WELCOME SINGLE MEN,WOMEN And COUPLES YOU PAY For Whatever YOU Drink & Eat. There Is NO After Party But If You Click With Others You May Want To Get A Room And Share The Cost - That's Fine I REPEAT - THERE IS NO AFTER PARTY, This Is Just A Meet & Greet So That You Can Finally Meet Those You've Chatted With Online, Get Together With Friends You Know And Make New Ones. We Want To Also State Here That WE Will NOT Tolerate Anyone Who Is Being Annoying, Aggressive And Doesn't Respect Others. If For Some Reason Someone Experiences Such Behavior. PLEASE Let Me Or Jeannie Know, We Will Take Care Of It ASAP,That Goes For Anyone Pressuring Another To Get A Room Or To Join Them,We Want To Make Sure Everyones Night Is Pleasant, Comfortable And An Enjoyable One. Once Inside The Lounge..There Is A Back Room Where We Will Meet & Talk With Friends And Make New Ones Away From The Music. HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US In ANother MEET & DANCE.. AND COME HIT THE DANCE FLOOR With US. From the Garden State Parkway: take exit 131A-hotel is on the right hand side as you exit.

Jeannie & Jasmine xoxoxo AKA The J & J Sisters

Kinnelon NJ
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TOPIC: Meet Greet Oct 1st in Woodbridge, NJ