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Created by: wickedcacouple
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Looking for an ON-PREMIS, clean, up-scale, Swing Club forHalloween

On Oct 29th when the sun goes down The fun will start on our side of town With Witches and Warlocks stirring their brew It will be so much fun, you won't know what to do The cauldrons will be bubbling and brewing all night There will be ghost and goblins, what a magnificent sight So put your sexy costumes on, and tell all your friends We will partya ll night, or until the cops make it end. We'll eat creators and bat wings, and drink blood and Blue Goo And if you want something special, feel free to bring it with you The maze will be built, and the crazy will be there To give you such a fright, it’s a terrible scare The bar will be open and running all night And Gary's Electric Chair will give you a fright The party starts at 8:00 sharp, at Club Amnesties Place So we sure to book early, to make sure we have space

The doors open at 8:00 for entry. The doors close for entry at 11 sharp. The Club closes down at 4:00 a.m. The price for this event is $90.00 per membership per couple, the party is free with membership. Be sure to book early to ensure you get in. We will not be excepting free passes or rain checks for this event.

Orange CA
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