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TOPIC: A Warning in California
Created by: Ramus
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There have been several new clubs open in California in the last few months. Be careful. At least one "private club" currently is under investigation for violaton of state liquor laws and other activities.

Here are some questions or things to find out about before attending Lifestyle Events

Is it just some friends getting together at someone's home to party? Is it a social group that gets together once a month for a dance? Is it a business, such as a night club or a promoter renting a club or facility?

How is promoted and advertised? What do they say about themselves? This can give you some basic ideas of what to expect and how they might operate.

Who is behind or sponsoring the event? Do they have a history or background you can check. Busnness license, etc.

Where is it located. Is it being held in a commercial location, a warehouse, retail business, a meeting room, hotel or a private home? If it is in a home, does someone actually reside there or is it just a party house? Different laws and legal access rules by law enforcement can be applied to each.

Is it affiliated with any recognized national organization. Not that most lifestyle organizations have the resources to conduct very thorough checks on membership, but it can add to the creditability.

What documents do you have to sign to attend or join. Watch for and read liability and other legal releases. They can present legal problems down the road and some might not hold up in court regardless of the language.

Is there a membership fee? Is there and entrance fee or cover charge? What do you get for these charges? Is any thing being sold or available for purchase?

The real potential for problems develop with alcohol. Is everyone attending over the age of 21? The State of California has some very strict rules with substantial penalties for even minor violations. You can all be cited for one minor with a drink. Do they (the event) have a state liquor license or does the facility have one (as in a hotel)? Is liquor available for purchase? This is a good sign as to legitimacy. Is liquor provided as part of a cover charge or membership fee? All you can drink is definitely illegal. Can you bring your own liquor? The selling of liquor and BYOB at the same event is definitely a issue with the ABC. BYOB can be cool and legal if there is no liquor license.

The selling or providing of liquor for a fee or donation requires a liquor license even for non-profit organizations or "private" clubs. Another good clue is that, no liquor can be sold or consumed at a licensed event or facility between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am. A private host in a home or apartment does not need a license and the 2 to 6 rule does not apply, but there are still some liability issues.

It is better to do some serious research first as it is better to be safe than sorry. Remember no one wants to be caught in a raid with their pants down.

San Jose CA
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TOPIC: A Warning in California