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TOPIC: sex toys not needed
Created by: naughtynfunlover
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I have a question here, but first let me state this, its fine if people like sex toys, and all the fun they have with them, this is not about judging anyone's choices. That being said, my wife hates sex toys, dont want to use them herself, and does not want them used on her, her words not mine " i dont want a toy when i have the real thing that pleases me " so here is the problem we run into, A) people look at her like shes nuts, and tell her so, B), they dont listen and try to use them anyway, C)get into a argument about it with us, when its her personal preference D) think she is judging them when she says she does not have a need for them, now we understand that with some couples there is performance issues on the male half, and the toys help that, but when that is not the case with us, why cant we have our own choices without the judgmental looks and arguments? Again not putting anyone down for their choices, just want the same respect given back for her choice NOT to use toys

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TOPIC: sex toys not needed