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TOPIC: Dildos
Created by: funsideoftheroom The original post for this thread was deleted.
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There's really no "right" or "wrong" answer to your question. Just as different women prefer different size cocks, different women prefer different size dildos. Even within dildos, the material the dildo is made of as well as patterns and textures on the dildos makes a big difference. We have several different ones that she has varying opinions about. One choice that didn't work out as well for her was a glass one that has a spiral around it's entire length. It's one of the smaller ones, but because of the spiral, it's not a favorite for her.

As to the second half of the question, there's a big difference between being fucked by a dildo and using a dildo to fuck. While there are strap-ons that have double ends for insertion into both the fucker and fuckee as well as "strapless strap-ons" such as the Feeldoe, most strap-ons do not have these features. Aside from the Feeldoe (which has received quite a few rave reviews), most of the other double ended ones have not been rated very high. "Uncomfortable" is a common word found in their reviews.

Honesty is the best solution to your concern. Be open about what you would like to experience/see and go from there. Introducing a dildo in your play, while fun, may not play out as you expect if there are ulterior motives behind it.

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TOPIC: Dildos