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TOPIC: DIY Alternatives
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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to start a thread about Do-It-Yourself alternatives to Sex Toys. We've all been doing it for centuries! 'Cucumber' anyone? Anyway, for what ever the reason, spur of the moment improvising, financial restraints, something seen in a porn video - I know there are some creative alternatives out there and I think it would be nice to share your 'creativity' and have it all in one location.

I'll start ..... 1.) Did you know you can use a common house hold wooden 'clothes pin' instead of nipple clamps. Clothes pins are a classic toy. Attach them to nipples and other curvy body parts. Remove them after a while and enjoy the added sensitivity. These things hurt, but with a little ingenuity you can adjust the tension on them, or even attach adhesive foam or rubber padding (which might even be available elsewhere in a dollar store). Just don’t leave them on too long for safety’s sake. 2.) Did you know you can use 'mineral oil' from your grocery store for lube, it's odorless, tasteless, and hypo-allergenic. 3.) Did you know you can use an O ring from Home Depot as a Cock Ring. 4.) Did you know you can use cable-ties from Home Depot in place of hand cuffs, and no worries about losing the key. 5.) Did you know instead of crops and paddles you can use Spatulas and wooden spoons, dishing out truly wicked spankings. There is little that can leave a mark as well as a wooden spoon — which can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are playing with. Metal tools like frosting spreaders not only pack a wallop, but can also absorb the temperature of a cold freezer for some extra sensation.

Sussex NJ
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TOPIC: DIY Alternatives