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TOPIC: Erotic Photography
Created by: technicallysingle The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Obviously it's easier to do an erotic photo shoot as a couple meeting a couple or single. We have used shoots to warm up a meeting with a couple and with single males. In fact starting out with fully clothed portraits and using the camera as a seduction tool works very well. Getting good action shots is difficult because we all tend to get involved in the action rather than the photography. It would be wonderful to have a dedicated photographer to capture the action. Most likely the photographer would get some hot benefits. And in our case, since the I, the male, am a photographer, we could get photos of that action.

The photos of us together were taken by a photographer friend in our hot tub. This was after I did a serious shoot for her. She wrote a book in the field of sexuality and wanted some illustrations both of her and of us. It was fun being on the lens side of the camera and getting lovely shots of the two of us showing how we feel toward each other and our spirit of sharing. Now we are published models! :)

We'd love to do an erotic shoot with a male or female photographer. By all means feel free to contact us.

Enosburg Falls VT
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TOPIC: Erotic Photography