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TOPIC: Tall_girls-_long_waist_HELP!!!!
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Does anyone know of a site that carries sizes for tall or long waiste women? Everything time I buy something it is 3 inches too short in the waist and length > All "dresses" look like they should be frustrating. I can't even find stocking that come to mid thigh. I can find stockings with built in elastic but have trouble with stocking that require a garter belt. Most corsets hit right at my belly button ...not flattering !!!! No offense to anyone but if there is a cross dresser out there who has had good luck with fit I'd appreciate any info you might have since many of you are slightly bigger than the average 5'5 female. AT 5'8 I have large bones and size 10 feet those one size fits all just don't work.

Mrs Sav

Anniston AL
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TOPIC: Tall girls- long waist HELP!!!!