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another site I'm on has an area for the swapping/trading/selling of lingerie, shoes, etc between individuals - not store owners or party distributers - but stuff that has been worn but is still in good condition. Lets face it, this sexy stuff is expensive and how many times do us gals wanna wear the same outfit to a club or party? Or you buy something online (like from E-Bay) and when you get it, it doesn't fit or you don't like how it looks on you....

If interested list the items you have, the sizes, and the price you'd like to get. Anyone wanting more info can them contact you.

I currently have a pair of white thigh high boots with one inch platform/5 inch heel, size 9, that I bought online. They are form fitting and won't zip over my calf so I can't wear them. The girl I bought them from only wore them in photo shoots so they are in great condition. - she couldn't walk in the heel it was too high for her, lol. I paid her $40, would sell them to someone else for same.

Let me know if interested! ~ CAT

Mechanicsburg PA
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