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That is a great way to put it... "a lot of things that are unusual are off-putting at first, but once you get past that unusual aspect and get used to seeing it, you realize it's actually quite nice."

I hate briefs, as the constriction of the legs sucks... and I hate boxers, as the material bunching up in the legs is very uncomfortable. In such, I wear "bikini" or "sport brief" styles.

That being said, I am very particular... and it is hard for m to find since it is not an American societal norm for straight men to wear anything but boxers or briefs, the styles and fabrics of bikinis are often very "colorful". For example, the equipo at Kohl's or Fruit of the Loom and Hanes at Walmart and Target. The style is good, but they always come in a variety or stripes and prints... why not just black, white and/or grey? At least Kohl's now has an adidas style and a Docker's style in those standard basic colors.

When shopping at Undergear/International Male or similar, it is also getting more difficult. They have the plain french contour brief (actually a bikini)... and a couple other styles here and there that are plain... but QUITE a few very bright and colorful styles. I wish more styles were in plain fabrics. While some of my underwear could be considered stylish/fashionable... I do not wear it to entice anyone. It is functional… for the reasons I gave above.

What is interesting... and I think I posted this elsewhere on here before... is when looking at catalogs from around the world from a few different decades, there is a big difference between societal norms in Europe vs America. I can't remember the specifics, but were something like 15% briefs and or boxers in European catalogs in the early 90's and the remaining were bikinis. In the US it was 75% briefs and boxers. Now it is 33% briefs and boxers in the European catalogs…. and almost 90% for the US.

Styles change… and it seems the American style and negative attitude is heading overseas.

PS: Lingerie is a female/feminine word... while it is derived from the French word for "linen"... it is not a unisex word, and calling mens bikini underwear lingerie promotes the issue of inappropriateness for straight males.

Binghamton NY
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There is similar stuff for men. G strings, stlyed briefs (meaning not fruit of the loom stuff) and/or "bikini-brief" swim and underwear, see-through underwear/pants/shirts, pareos, and so on.

There are quite a number of women out there that like to see a guy dressed up in that sort of stuff and "showing off" a bit.

I think the biggest problem is that most guys are afraid to try any of that stuff, thinking they will at the very least look ridiculous, if not gay. And that insecurity ultimately means that it's a very rare sight. This can in turn lead women to make the same non-straight connection, or to be put off by it. (a lot of things that are unusual are off-putting at first, but once you get past that unusual aspect and get used to seeing it, you realize it's actually quite nice) [Also, another aspect of the insecurty means that when it IS seen, it IS either by guys who aren't straight, or by guys who don't have the confidence they need to truly make it look good, and that is off-putting, and makes the "weird clothing" get blamed for it]

As far as "being ripped" goes.... I'm not. But several playmates and girlfriends have liked seeing me in that stuff (and even talked me into it in the first place). I would advocate being in shape, but the main thing is to be the weight you should be. That doesn't mean "thin" - Some people can carry extra padding and make it work for them (men and women alike), some can not. It's not a wasit measurment or a scale reading, nor even a ratio involving height, if you can make being bigger work well, then you're fine. If not, then you need to put in some work to get down to a size/shape you look better at. And other aspects matter a lot too - how well you take care of yourself in every other way (hands, feet, cleanliness, grooming, etc), as well as the inner state. Attitude, self-image, confidence, etc.

Generally speaking, I would say if they are attracted to you at all, then they will find it pleasing for you to be naked. That's the key, more-so than you being 'ripped'. If you find that connection and chemistry, then I'm sure such garments would go over MUCH better. :)

Check out teddygirl dot com and abcunderwear dot com for some good options. Hopefully we can make it more common to get past that whole "weird" issue. ;)

Aston PA
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TOPIC: Male lingerie
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