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I just found a new toy that I love. Do a Google search for +"cock ring" +"trailer hitch". Look for the surgical steel models that have a cock ring with a rod that extends back and angles upwards with a ball that inserts into the anus.

This toy is amazing! It's surprisingly comfortable to wear once you get it inserted, but its presence is a constant reminder of "things down there!" Every step you take moves the ball inside you, and wearing it during sex is AMAZING! With every thrust you make into her, pressure is applied to the cock ring, which sends the rod and ball thrusting deeper into your ass. You're simultaneously fucking her and getting fucked!!!

This might sound like a spam ad, but I'm not promoting any vendor or specific brand. There are multiple versions of this thing out there. If you're into anal play, you need to find one and try it out!

New Buffalo MI
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TOPIC: Trailer Hitch