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I remember when I first got that email years ago (it used to be passed around as a chain letter). I was freaking out and reading it over and over like an idiot. Lol.

I received it in Spanish as well (it exists in many languages) BUT it wasn't really done in Cambridge University (some professor there was contacted by a reporter to find the source and no one knew of it). It was really done at Nottingham University in 1976.

The Spanish one reads:

Sgeun un etsduio de una uivenrsdiad ignlsea, no ipmotra el odren en el que las ltears etsan ersciats, la uicna csoa ipormtnate es que la pmrirea y la utlima ltera esten ecsritas en la psiocion cocrrtea. El rsteo peuden estar ttaolmntee mal y aun pordas lerelo sin pobrleams. Etso es pquore no lemeos cada ltera por si msima preo la paalbra es un tdoo.

Cool stuff.

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TOPIC: They did a