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TOPIC: Single on Valentine's Day
Created by: boricualover6863
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You would do better to look in the BDSM scene for this one...or ask a wife of a couple you have played with. Very few single bi women are going to do your hubby sight unseen. It's also dangerous to drink in a strangers home and then play with a couple, you don't know, in their home.

It's a nice fantasy. I hope you get your wish. But my safety buzzers go off on this one. It's not about you. It's about my life experience. This is well beyond my safety zone.

Most couples don't realize that playing alone requires the single woman to be in charge of her own safety. My main rule is never go to a home to play with someone I don't know. We would have had to met in a club first. I would still set up a full safe call and computer trail for anyone to follow.


Glen Burnie MD
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Hello to all you bi-fem's out there. I am looking to fulfill a fantasy of mine. If you have no plans for Valentine's Day maybe you want to help...

We have been with a few very nice, wonderful women but it's always been that Jorge meets them with me before hand. Here's my dream....

I would like to chat with you privately before hand. On Valentine's Day you come over while he's at work (Val day is on a Thursday) We can share some wine and other things before he gets home. I want him to walk in on me and another woman in bed. Tie him up and not let him do anything but watch as we please each other. Then when he can't stand it any more let him lose to please us.

He is the greatest lover I've ever had in my life and I love to share him. He was very good to me for Christmas and I would love you to help me be good to him for Valentine's.

Don't be alone for Valentine's Day.... Hit me up if you'd like to know more or so we can just chat. (I am not looking for a one night stand if we click I would like a friendship out of the bedroom as well.)

Let me know if you are interested in helping my fantasy.


Runnemede NJ
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TOPIC: Single on Valentine's Day