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TOPIC: bytown players
Created by: mojonann69
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More recently I started hosting a private play space for bi couples along with a few select biguys and a lovely gurl who really likes to play hot and hard. We have had a couple of sessions in the late afternoons and nooners. I set up the play time as most of the clubs in the area frown on male:male bi play and there are quite a few couples who are looking for all bi all the time for both partners. So far we have really enjoyed ourselves. The most recent playtime was with D&J along with T gurl and I. This was their first time with a gurl and they got right into it. Another mmf sandwich with T fucking D and me fucking T - we did not forget J's nice hard cock which everyone was sucking on. More fun to cum as we get more folks involved in the nooners and afternoon delights. Mojo

Hull Canada
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TOPIC: bytown players