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TOPIC: Need More Bi Couples in NJ - FREE Meet Greet
Created by: NNJ_Couple
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When is the next one?

Garden City NY
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We usually get between 150 and 200 people each month - but we want more BI couples and couples with BI men to attend!

Second Saturday Meet & Greet Date: Saturday June 10th 2006 Time: 9:00 PM Until closing

FREE Lifestyle Oriented Parties Held Every Month on the Second Saturday.....

* There is a DJ provided for our party by the hotel! * A Meet & Greet is just that - meeting others to chat and get to know each other. * NO sexual activity takes place here since we meet in a public place. * Some non-lifestyle people will also be there, so we have a secret identifier (see below). * Many attendees use this as a "safe" opportunity to meet others they chat with on the Internet - in person. . . . Location: SPORTZ BAR is in the WELLESLEY INN on the West-bound side of Route 46 behind Jose Tejas, at the Route 46 and Two Bridges Road intersection in Fairfield, NJ. SportZ Bar has a nice dance floor and a DJ.

Cost: FREE - but PLEASE tip the bar and hotel staff well. Other meet and greets charge between $40 and $100 just to get in. There is NEVER a charge for our meet & greet. We prefer that you spend your money to get a room to spend the night if you are drink alcoholic beverages - Please don't drink and drive! Room Reservations: The WELLESLEY INN has very nice rooms. Free breakfast is included and they also have an Indoor pool! For reservations call 973-575-1742 and ask for the Second Saturday Meet and Greet rate (VIP Code LSSZ). What to Wear: Wear what you would if you are going out for a night of dancing and meeting new people for the first time. First impressions are important, so the general rule is "Dress to Impress"!

* To identify yourselves, simply wear a brightly colored band-aid as follows: - LEFT pinky finger if you are BISEXUAL - RIGHT pinky finger if you are STRAIGHT * Get a box of bright-colored kids band-aids - they are easier to see at the bar!

Who Attends?? Straight, Bisexual, and Gay, couples, women, and men, as well as some Transgender people and some people in open, swinger, or polyamorous relationships. Many attendees participate in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships. Bisexual women and men are encouraged to attend, as there are many couples and poly groups looking for them here.

"After" Parties: If you want to play, we suggest you get a room at the Wellesley Inn. There are NO organized "after" parties.


Yes you are welcome - but you MUST be on your BEST behavior and DRESS TO IMPRESS!

NO Stalking and NO Staring. Both are anti-social behavior that only makes others uncomfortable. This may work for cruising other guys, but it will not get anywhere in the lifestyle.

Please introduce yourself, but then go meet some other people. That is what this venue is here for!

* If others want to continue the conversation with you - they will. * If others want to invite you into their room - they will. Don't ask to be invited. * Don't hang around and/or beg and make a pest of yourselves or monopolize a conversation.

OUR DRUG POLICY: The use or distribution of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. If you are interested in drugs, please go find a different party.

Kinnelon NJ
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TOPIC: Need More Bi Couples in NJ - FREE Meet Greet