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TOPIC: Meeting bi-couples at events
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Something I've noticed, in our limited experiences... How do you meet a both-bi couple, at a live event? What I would give for the proverbial "pasted on the forehead" routine...

With all the discrimination against bi men out there, and the fear of ostracism, it seems like the only way to meet bi-couples is on the internet. I just wish it wasn't so.

We have received quite a few emails from couples where the guy is listed as str, and woman as bi. And they tell us he is really bi. We're fine with that, we understand the need for discretion. But that also tells us that plenty of the couples at a club or event, have a guy in them, who is bi. Only we can't figure out who, without a lot of asking, a very frustrating and difficult situation.

So, we are going to LS Vegas, and we will have a great time, but it will probably be with str/bi couples, and that's cool, but we could have even more fun, if there was only a way...

Which brings up another question.. any bi couples coming from the midwest/east? Let us know!

Crys and Alan

Escondido CA
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TOPIC: Meeting bi-couples at events