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TOPIC: Bi_Nature_or_Bi_Decision
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You know, Debbi, you and I are a lot alike. I have always been attracted to women, too. In high school, I masturbated to my dads 'girly' magazines, as well. I just always liked girls. Oh... wait... I'm a guy, that's right (:->). I can (and I believe most men can) understand your attraction to women.

I've never been attracted to men in a physical sense. But I have always been attracted to cock. I think most men probably are. First, we're attracted to our own then to others. I have an insatiable oral fixation which probably explains my attraction--a cock fits into my mouth so nicely. But then, I love eating pussy like nothing else.

Women are the reward for an otherwise difficult life, as far as I'm concerned. So, my "nature" is to love women and my "decision" is to love men, orally as well as platonically, because it was "natural" to fondle and suck a mans cock and my emotional education helped me "decide" that it was okay.

Word games aside, it seems reasonable to assume that anyone that considers bisexuality or homosexuality has some natural inclination toward it that they may decide to persue. The stigma of our society makes that more difficult for men than women. And maybe its true that there is some bisexual inclination in all of us but societal stigma prevents most from ever exploring it. No way to test that theory without putting a society in a test tube for 60 or 70 years. But I have trouble believing that someone that has no bisexual "nature" at all would ever make a "decision" to become bisexual.

Steve (Debbi, I hope you and Mark had a great wedding and honeymoon!)

Shingle Springs CA
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Hey Dooode - This is Dave. With me it's by nature, it's just who I am. For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by both female and male anatomy, and I've always had relationships with both female and male that were sexual and nonsexual. My attraction to Cat is not nescesarily because she is female, but because she is my soulmate. This is starting to sound way too deep! If You want to know more, shoot me an e-mail - Dave

Bryan TX
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It was a conscious decision on my part. The female half of a couple I was in an LTR with insisted that her husband and I have oral sex with each other while she watched. She won out and we tried it. After the initial shock of having a man cum in my mouth was over, we both found that it was a very pleasurable sensation. I'm oral only and so is he. Needless to say, what a wonderful plaything a cock can be. Think of all the waisted years I've missed. They have moved away and it have become a social thing with me. If the time, place and couple are right then I'll participate.

Key West FL
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Queer by nature.. Het because men are aggressive. If I had had the net as a young child, I could have been mostly queer.

I became heterosexually active because men were more aggressive in the pursuit of sex. I had to be aggressive about bisexuality. But I had no place to go, to find partners.

My orientation has vacillated over the years. Mostly het in my younger days>>>more and more queer the older I get.

I still enjoy rare, quality, gentlemen..very, very much. Their sexuality is so much more direct, immediate, impulsive, and raunchy than women.

I fess up.. I like both. More women hit my radar than men.. But for the guys who hit my radar there's no mistaking my interest.

Mischief...Likes both as usual..

Glen Burnie MD
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I think it all depends on how you definine YOUR bi-ness. I'm not bisexual as a lifestyle. I don't seek out other bisexual females for long-term relationships. I'm merely bi-curious and enjoy interacting with other women as part of my sexual repoirtoire. I definitely prefer men, and bisexuality doesn't extend anywhere outside the bedroom. It's just a kicky part of my total self.

And I realize that may not be what you're looking for at ALL. But for me it's just one small aspect--one additional way to enjoy sex. So for me, it's a decision, not a part of my nature.....unless you extend that to mean that my sexual appetite is a part of my nature.

Spring TX
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TOPIC: Bi Nature or Bi Decision
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