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TOPIC: What I like about this site
Created by: foobar989
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Thank you all.

Coral Springs FL
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Alot of us notice just forget to say thanks and great job!

Brownwood TX
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Yup.. this site is awesome.

We get so wrapped up in suggesting things we forget to say great job... soo..

KUDOS to you guys for making this a useful, affordable, and easy to use site and thank you for the continuing improvements !!!

Chesapeake VA
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I wanted to take an opportunity to tell the webmaster how much I appreciate some of the features of this site. Once I tried to put some of these in an email to tech support, but the message did not get sent because it used the name of Some Other Site Which Must Not Be Named.... :-) So here I am trying again... :-)

- Notes on profiles: Such a simple feature. So useful. I can put all sorts of great details on there. I love this feature. Great idea! It's so useful, I don't even mind having to limit the length of the notes. Wish they had this feature on The Nameless Site.

- Speed and simplicity: This site is so much faster than The Nameless Site. Part of the reason for this is that the pages are very simple, low on graphics and scripting. Even something as simple as using frames cuts down on the amount of data that has to go back and forth to the servers. I'm sure that as the site matures, there will be pressure to increase the amount of glitz and graphics, and move to a server-side table arrangement instead of frames. Don't cave in! Keep it simple and keep the frames.

- Message history: It's really cool to be able to click on an icon to see all messages in order, with all of the text intact. On The Nameless Site, you only see a list of the subject lines and you have to click inside each message to read it. I much prefer this site's way of doing it, with all of the message text visible in one large screen.

- Random Matching Members: It's cool to see, the instant I connect to the site, a quick list of names and pictures which are reasonably close to what I'm looking for. Without having to click again to get into any kind of a search or a match report. Very slick! Also gets the profiles viewed more often than they otherwise would be.

- Ability to sub-filter the orientation of the genders in the search: I love how I can do a search for Couples, with Straight Females, and Bi-Curious Guys. It even works if I specifically say "no males, couples only", but pick bi-curious for the male, it still uses that parameter. That's cool.

- The search results for a code-specified area show geographic proximity to *that code* rather than proximity to me. That's cool, it allows me to do a search for areas that I'll be traveling to.


- Price. This site has a great pricing scheme. Very affordable. And, the choice of which features you reserve for paying members is a great balance. I chose to become a paid member *very* quickly because I was able to see very clearly what I wanted and what kind of results I would get if I were a paid member.

Seattle WA
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TOPIC: What I like about this site